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Most recent Editorials
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Simpler Tax Simplification - John Stossel (11/9/2017)
The best way to avoid Washington's spending getting out of balance is to avoid giving it our money in the first place. A tax law so simple that everyone understands it, and one that will keep as much money as possible out of government's hands.

Do We Live in a Diseased Culture? - Laura Hollis (11/8/2017)
Apparently, no one among our self-appointed elites wants to be the party pooper who says, stop sleeping around, despite the host of individual and societal ills this would alleviate.

Political Correctness at the Root of NYC Attack - Joe Guzzardi (11/7/2017)
Political correctness strikes again. This time eight are dead and more than a dozen injured after Uzbekistan national Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov plowed his Home Depot rented pick-up truck into a New York bike path.

Free the Tax Code From Special Interests - Star Parker (11/6/2017)
The tax code has become an instrument of government power brokers to extract money from private citizens to finance pet schemes of Washington's political class.

Washington Falls to the American Taliban - David Keene (11/5/2017)
Trump wants to know when this craziness will stop. Only when, like the old Soviet Union, we rewrite history to banish all traces of men once considered heroes, but unacceptable to today's elites.

Five Biggest Reasons to Hate the IRS Tax Code - Stephen Moore (11/4/2017)
Why can't we shut down this rigged system? Because of the politically connected and the K Street lobbies and lawyers who spend millions of dollars to keep their tax shelters in place.

Congress Poised to Bail Out Insurers Who Fleeced Taxpayers - Betsy McCaughey (11/3/2017)
So why a bailout now? There's no question it will keep insurers participating, propping up the failing system. That's the Democrats' goal, to preserve Obama's legacy, and keep the single payer goal in play.

His Majesty Anthony Kennedy - Erick Erickson (11/2/2017)
The United States will only ever return to real federalism and real democracy when Anthony Kennedy and his accomplices exercise some humility in office.

Immigration in the National Interest - Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) (11/1/2017)
There's probably no issue that calls more for an "America first" approach than immigration. After all, the guidepost of our immigration policy should be putting Americans first — not foreigners and not a tiny elite.

A Taxing Situation - Cal Thomas (10/31/2017)
It is spending, not taxes, that needs to be reformed, but few want to give up their government "benefits." Ever try getting information from a government office? And yet people continue to turn to government, even though it does few things well.

America: Land of the Free, Home of the Grave - Tony Perkins (10/30/2017)
Why would anyone go through the hassle of naturalization if the courts are going to give illegal immigrants the same rights as citizens anyway? All this court is doing is incentivizing lawbreaking.

Trump Proving Politicians Not As Important As They Think They Are - Scott Rasmussen (10/29/2017)
According to the political class worldview, this Administration is doing everything wrong. If the political class worldview was correct, the economy should be tanking. But it's not.

Warring Over the Peace Cross - Edwin J. Feulner (10/28/2017)
War memorials can be easy to miss. They're often tucked away in small parks, virtually invisible to all but those who approach them on foot. Not so the Peace Cross.

Undermining America - Walter Williams (10/27/2017)
Our nation's leftist progressives have long sought to undermine the American values expressed in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

George Soros's Latest Effort to Fundamentally Transform America - Arnold Ahlert (10/26/2017)
Soros is putting $18 billion — or three times the total spending by all political parties, in all races combined, during the 2016 election — behind his effort to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

Liberate Government Workers From Forced Union Fees - Jeff Jacoby (10/25/2017)
Coercing workers to pay for representation they don't want isn't a benefit. It's extortion. And it's particularly galling when those extorted payments are used to fund political speech and public-policy activism that employees detest.

Dems Fancy Themselves the 'Party of Science,' - George Will (10/24/2017)
Democracy, which properly is government by persuasion rather than majority bullying or executive or judicial policy fiats, is a search for splittable differences. Abortion is the archetypal issue that confounds efforts at compromise.

Is Liberalism a Dying Faith? - Pat Buchanan (10/23/2017)
Ted Kennedy promised that the racial and ethnic composition of the America of the 1960s would not be overturned, and he questioned the morality and motives of any who implied that it would. He was lying.

Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon - Michelle Malkin (10/22/2017)
It's one thing to break down cultural stigmas constructively, but the #MeToo movement is collectivist virtue signaling of a very perilous sort. "The most important response to #metoo is 'I believe you.'" No, it is most decidedly not.

What's Behind Trump's New Executive Actions - Byron York (10/21/2017)
Trump's actions might not work. After all, he is pressuring Congress to act, but that doesn't mean Congress will act, especially when the president is feuding with some key members. But Trump's moves are a step in the right direction.

Misunderstanding America and Its Constitution - William L. Gensert (10/20/2017)
America is not a democracy; it is a republic. When we talk to people about this, we tell them to imagine 50 separate countries bound together by a set of rules, our Constitution.

Why the #Resist Movement Has It Completely Wrong - Julienne Davis (10/19/2017)
Since President Trump's election the progressives in the USA have decided that they are "the Resistance." Everywhere we look on social media we see the #Resist banner. But what exactly is this resistance? What does it stand for?

Let Them Leave - John Stossel (10/18/2017)
The United States was born when the Founding Fathers seceded from England. So why do so many people now see secession as a terrible thing? Because governments never want to give up power.

The Great Regulatory Rollback - Rich Lowry (10/17/2017)
One by one, the artifacts of President Barack Obama's rule by administrative fiat are tumbling. The latest is his signature Clean Power Plan, which EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says he will begin the arduous process of unwinding.

A Cultural Cold War Gets Warmer - Erick Erickson (10/16/2017)
After years of moral preening from Hollywood in the culture war, it turns out they have been preaching one thing and doing another. They are the hypocrites they told us we were and ever closer we creep to heating up this cultural cold war.

Our Broken Moral Compasses - Walter Williams (10/15/2017)
Many of our problems, both at our institutions of higher learning and in the nation at large, stem from the fact that we've lost our moral compasses and there's not a lot of interest in reclaiming them.

Democrats, Don't Blame the Voters Who Are Not Racist - Mark Shields (10/14/2017)
While the 2016 Democrats and their nominee spoke repeatedly about gender equality and racial justice, missing was the embrace and advocacy of white working-class voters who did not live in fashionable neighborhoods and never used "summer" as a verb.

Why Criticize Harvey Weinstein? - Cal Thomas (10/13/2017)
Ancient wisdom from a Higher Authority, which is available to anyone who takes the time to consider it, was provided to constrain people like Harvey Weinstein from acts he has been accused of committing.

Partisanship Is Breaking Both Parties - Peggy Noonan (10/12/2017)
America is in trouble, with huge problems. This is no time for Democrats to be small, tatty and cheap, to do the old class warfare, to issue one-liners instead of thoughts. They should wake up and get serious.

Overcoming Confirmation Bias on Guns - Sheldon Richman (10/11/2017)
Confirmation bias is one of the great obstacles to making the practical case for liberty. People see in events what they want to see. We are all subject to this bias. The best we can do is be aware of it and fight to overcome it.

Don't Sell Jefferson's Legacy Short - Christopher Gable (10/10/2017)
The recent debasement of statues of historical figures leads me to suggest that we judge their lives by standards of their own time as well as our own. In that regard, I stand to defend Mr. Thomas Jefferson.

The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel - Dennis Prager (10/9/2017)
The Jews survived the Blood Libel. But America may not survive the American Libel. While the first libel led to the death of many Jews, the present libel may lead to the death of a civilization. Indeed, the least oppressive ever created.

The Passionate Non-Sequiturs of the Gun Debate - Rich Lowry (10/8/2017)
The problem is that the "something" liberals demand from Congress, namely all the usual gun-control proposals, isn't well-suited to stopping mass shootings. But liberal politicians never let the inapplicability of their proposals stop them.

Stranger than Strange - Kathleen Parker (10/7/2017)
The political resurrection of Alabama's Roy Moore -- the Moses of the South -- and the mortal end of Hugh Hefner are not entirely unrelated. It's not a straight line, mind you. But...

It's Deeper Than Having a Gun Debate - The Altoona Mirror (10/6/2017)
How do we identify these threats to the public? How do we deal with them, without the risk of taking away the liberties of many other people who may be no worse than erratic — but hardly homicidal?

Gender Identity: Why All the Confusion? - The Patriot Post (10/5/2017)
The idea that gender-identification is now a personal choice might sound enlightened to some, but it's actually a very anti-scientific view of one of the essential facts of life: men and women are inherently different.

Scrutinizing Public Unions' Contributions to Democrats - Lewis Morris (10/4/2017)
Should employees be forced to pay into a union that uses its members' money to support political stances they oppose? And let's face it, if you are in a public-sector union in this country, then you better be prepared to support Democrats.

The Religious vs. Gays - Diane Dimond (10/4/2017)
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a Colorado case in which both sides say their separate constitutional rights were violated. It raises the question: Whose constitutionally guaranteed rights matter most?

GOP Identity Crisis in the Age of Trump - Robin Smith (10/3/2017)
You either believe in something and consistently work in a principled manner toward outcomes applying those principles, or you don't. The GOP's identity crisis relates to having those in office who are principled in word and deed.

Disabled by Government - John Stossel (10/2/2017)
A third threat to free speech at University of California, Berkeley has led to more censorship than political rioters or college administrators. It's the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Republicans Should Reject "Bipartisan" Solution for ObamaCare - David Harsanyi (10/1/2017)
For the first time in American history, the party in power is being asked to bail out the minority's signature failed reform. Not just any reform: Democrats unilaterally shoved through a national restructuring of a vital part of the economy.

Constitutional Perspective for Taxes - Louis DeBroux (9/30/2017)
The purpose of taxes is to fund the legitimate functions of government, but how do we determine what is legitimate? Luckily, the Founders clearly defined those legitimate functions in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

Not a Day Care - Walter Williams (9/29/2017)
Diversity is the highest goal of students and professors who openly detest those with whom they disagree. The content of a man's character is no longer as important as the color of his skin or his sex or his political loyalties.

Alumni: If You Care About Education, Hold That Check - Michael Rubin (9/28/2017)
Simply put, it's time for alumni to recognize their annual checks, capital campaign commitments, and end-of-life behests do more harm than good and are killing the educational institutions which they hold so dear.

The Vietnam War 2017 - Mark Shields (9/27/2017)
"Armies don't fight wars. Countries fight wars. I hope to hell we learned that in Vietnam. (Tragically, we did not.) ... A country fights a war. If it doesn't, then we shouldn't send an army."

A Leaner Government Is 'Easy.' But Is It Possible? - Michael Swartz (9/26/2017)
It's been almost two decades since Americans had a government with a balanced budget, but there are those who dream it's possible again. Among those dreamers are the budgetary advocates of Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW),

Planting the Seeds of American Independence - Rob Natelson (9/25/2017)
The Farmer letters went well beyond asserting the case against taxation without representation; they also helped clarify American thinking on other questions, including: Which government responsibilities should be exercised centrally and which locally?

Constitution at 230: Separation of Powers Prevents a Democratic Tyranny - Hans von Spakovsky (9/24/2017)
The Framers recognized both the benefits and the dangers of an efficient national government. To mitigate the danger, they divvied up power among three branches of government, the principle we call separation of powers.

Bring Back Horsewhipping - Thomas J. Craughwell (9/23/2017)
Vandals have defaced the Baltimore monument in honor of Francis Scott Key, whose most famous work is known today as "The Star-Spangled Banner" and is, of course, our National Anthem. And how, precisely, has he angered our modern protesters?

Leftism Is Not Liberalism - Dennis Prager (9/22/2017)
The two have almost nothing in common. On the contrary, liberalism has far more in common with conservatism than it does with leftism. The Left has appropriated the word "liberal" so effectively that almost everyone thinks they are synonymous.

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