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History's Happenings for March 6

Remember the Alamo!

The Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Prominent in the history of Texas independence, the legendary Alamo fell on the morning of March 6, 1836, after a two-week fight between the Texan defenders under Jim Bowie and William Travis, and several thousand Mexican troops under President General Antonio López de Santa Anna.

Tactically, it was no victory -- all 180 defenders were slain in battle or executed afterwards. But it delayed Santa Anna while Texas assembled its army, and drove that army, in her memory, to soundly defeat the Mexicans at San Jacinto in April. The latter victory freed the Republic of Texas from Mexican domination.

Birth of General Philip Sheridan

General Phil Sheridan

(Stay tuned for a write-up on this event.
On the other hand, if you'd like to try writing
one  ... send it in! )

FDR Declares Bank Holiday

Newly-inaugurated president Franklin D. Roosevelt

(Stay tuned for a write-up on this event.
On the other hand, if you'd like to try writing
one  ... send it in! )

Air Corps Hits Berlin

(Stay tuned for a write-up on this event.
On the other hand, if you'd like to try writing
one  ... send it in! )

Ash Wednesday (Lent Begins)

This is the first day of Lent, which lasts forty days and represents a time of penance. Devout Catholics attend Mass on the morn of Ash Wednesday and allow the priest to inscribe a cross on their foreheads with moist ashes as a symbol of that penance. The day is variously observed, usually without ashes, by Anglicans and Protestants as well.

The forty day period, ending on Palm Sunday, represents the trials of Moses and Elijah and, most of all, the fasting of Christ during his time in the desert, resisting the entreaties of evil.

The ashes are normally produced by burning palm fronds saved from the previous year's Palm Sunday, a full circle in that Palm Sunday represents Christ's return from the wilderness and entry into Jerusalem.

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