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History's Happenings for September 12

The Battle Of Marathon
490 BC

Fought on this date in 490 BC, the battle of Marathon pitted the Greeks under Miltiades against the vast Persian army of Darius. The site was a broad plain sandwiched between the mountains and the sea, east of Athens and near the modern town of Marathon. The Greeks defeated Darius in one of the most decisive and important battles in history.

But Marathon is perhaps better known for -- how much is legend? -- the runner who brought the news of Greece's victory to Athens, some 22 miles away. He was only racing himself in that first Marathon, but the legend continues that so great was his effort, he died after delivering the good tidings.

Henry Hudson Sails Into Hudson's Bay

(Stay tuned for a write-up on this event.
On the other hand, if you'd like to try writing
one  ... send it in! )

First Girlie Show Opens

On this day in 1866, "The Black Crook" opened as a stage show in New York City -- the first open girlie show in the United States. Unfortunately, the opening of such a show -- other than the terminology drawing fire from feminists -- would attract scant attention today.

German Paratroopers Rescue Deposed Mussolini

(Stay tuned for a write-up on this event.
On the other hand, if you'd like to try writing
one  ... send it in! )

American Troops Enter Germany

(Stay tuned for a write-up on this event.
On the other hand, if you'd like to try writing
one  ... send it in! )

Old Defenders Day

Old Defenders' Day commemorates the bombardment of Fort McHenry, in Baltimore Harbor, that occurred on September 13-14, 1814. It was during this battle, as the American flag continued to wave amid the shelling from the British fleet, that Francis Scott Key was inspired to pen the "Star Spangled Banner".

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