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Monday, March 30, 2020
Can This Pandemic Usher in a New Era? - Pat Buchanan
A fine time to end our brushfire wars and bring the troops home.

How Much Is $2.3 Trillion? More Than Even Obama Could Imagine - Matt Welch
A crash course on experimental economics — and we're the lab rats

Today in History:  President Reagan Shot! (1981) ... Ether First Used as Anesthetic (1842) ... Ordinary Pencil Patented (1858) ... "Seward's Folly" -- Alaska Purchased (1867) ... 15th Amendment Ratified (1870) ... Texas Returns to the Union (1870)

     ... More Headlines

Issues In Depth
Apocalypse No - George Parry
Assessing the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Does this nasty affliction justify paralysis and economic destruction?

It's 1776, Not 1619: Don't Let the Times Steal America's Birthday - Wilfred Reilly
The New York Times wants to teach your kids and grandkids to be woke.

     ... More In-Depth

ObamaCare: 10 Years of Distress and Disappointment - Chris Talgo
You could keep your doctor? Politifact lie-of-the-year 2013. Well deserved.

The 'Managing Anxiety' Defense - Diane Dimond
You would not get away with this. You're just not connected.

We're Paying for China's Doctrine - Chris Gable
Communist repression of information allowed COVID-19 to spread.

Federal Government's Criminal Spending Binges Must Stop Now - Donald Lambro
Bloated bureaucracies add billions to the tax burden.

Will We Allow COVID-19 to Quarantine the Constitution? - Robert Barnes
Executive orders at all levels are carving big holes in constitutionalism.

Coronavirus: Biden's Scary Advisers - David Catron
A motley collection of rationing advocates, ideologues, and Obama retreads.

Why the Remedy May Be Worse Than the Disease - Dennis Prager
The dam has been broken. A very different America may follow.

Joe Biden's Anti-Gun Radicalism - The Washington Examiner
Just take a gander at who Biden is planning to appoint to his team.

The Left Screams "Panic!" for Political Reasons - Robert Knight
Democrats and liberal media trying to use coronavirus to bring down Trump.

     ... More Op-Ed

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John F. Kennedy"We must face the fact that the United States ... [is] only six percent of the world's population -- that we cannot impose our will upon the other ninety-four percent -- that we cannot right every wrong or reverse every adversity -- and that therefore there cannot be an American solution to every world problem." - John F. Kennedy, while a Senator

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