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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
The Great Regulatory Rollback - Rich Lowry
Mr. Trump tries to bring lawmaking back to the ideals of the Constitution.

A Cultural Cold War Gets Warmer - Erick Erickson
Thanks to feminism, even the Boy Scouts need to confuse their gender.

Today in History:  Gates Victorious At Saratoga (1777) ... Delaware And Chesapeake Canal Opened (1829) ... Al Capone Sent to Big House (1931) ... Einstein Flees Nazis, Arrives In U.S. (1933) ... USS Kearney Torpedoed By Germans (1941) ... Arab Oil Embargo Begins (1973) ... U.S. Population Tops 300 Million (2006)

     ... More Headlines

Our Broken Moral Compasses - Walter Williams
Old-fashioned morality guided us to wise, not just legal, behavior.

Democrats, Don't Blame the Voters Who Are Not Racist - Mark Shields
Pushing oh-so-progressive issues in 2016 ignored the concerns of workers.

Why Criticize Harvey Weinstein? - Cal Thomas
We have run from our ancient moral standards. Harvey is just one result.

Partisanship Is Breaking Both Parties - Peggy Noonan
America is in trouble, with huge problems. This is no time for bickering.

Overcoming Confirmation Bias on Guns - Sheldon Richman
It is one of the great obstacles to making the practical case for liberty.

Don't Sell Jefferson's Legacy Short - Christopher Gable
Our third president chose the future over a too-soon war over slavery.

The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel - Dennis Prager
The American Libel may lead to the death of a civilization.

The Passionate Non-Sequiturs of the Gun Debate - Rich Lowry
The laws most gun-control advocates want would not have stopped Paddock.

Stranger than Strange - Kathleen Parker
Judge Moore and Hugh Hefner. Will morality again be in vogue?

Illinois Exemplifies Our Fiscal Foolishness - George Will
While the people bleed for taxes, the Democratic elites float in gravy.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Thomas Jefferson"It is written in the book of fate that these people shall be free." - Thomas Jefferson, referring to the institution of slavery.

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