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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Colorado Goes After Cake Baker ... Again - Thomas Gallatin
Cited for refusing to bake a cake celebrating "gender transition."

Social Security Fails - John Stossel
The program is running out of money. That's a fact.

Today in History:  Hawaii Becomes 50th State (1959) ... Slave Rebellion Suppressed (1831) ... Lincoln-Douglas Debates Begin (1858) ... Trotsky Murdered by Stalin Henchmen (1940) ... Foundations Laid For U.N. (1944) ... Truman Ends Lend-Lease (1945) ... Viking I Heads for Mars (1975)

     ... More Headlines

Enough's Enough - Walter Williams
Inner city problems need cultural solutions, not more taxpayer money.

The Outrageous Catholic Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse - Nate Jackson
What part of Christianity do Church authorities fail to understand?

Of Guilt and the Late Confederacy - William Murchison
Anti-Confederate moral bullying is not about to run its course.

From Uncivil Discourse to Civil War? - Mark Alexander
Historic socialist assaults on Liberty were not as organized and targeted.

The Left's 'Identity Politics' Hypocrisy - Tammy Bruce
The old leftist approach: Lie to voters, punish those who expose them.

Poor Portland Progressives - George Will
So much to protest, so little time.

Elizabeth Warren's Lie - Rich Lowry
Our criminal-justice system is not racist 'front to back.'

No Group More Evil: White Progressives - Mychal Massie
Minorities have been kept on food stamps and welfare to insure votes.

Global Wildfires Declining - The Altoona Mirror
If there is a link between warming and wildfires, it is a negative one.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Henry David Thoreau"That certainly is the best government where the inhabitants are least reminded of the government." - Henry David Thoreau  (8/21/1851)

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