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Thursday, February 22, 2018 - Washington's Birthday (Traditional)
The Fallacy of 'Crumbling' American Infrastructure - Jonah Goldberg
It's Infrastructure Week (again.) How to contain the excitement.

The Constitution is Not The Problem - Scott Rasmussen
Politicians aren't nearly as important as they think they are.

Today in History:  Birth of President George Washington (1732) ... Florida Ceded To U.S. (1819) ... Pilgrims Snack On Popcorn (1630) ... First Five-And-Dime Opens (1879) ... Coolidge Delivers First Radio Address (1924) ... Flying Over White House Made Illegal (1935)

     ... More Headlines

The Motives Behind the Massacre - Pat Buchanan
Possibly owing to mental illness, but definitely due to moral depravity.

The Tea Party, RIP - Jeff Jacoby
With its demise, proflagate spending lacks any real opposition.

What's Oozing out of Campuses Is Polluting Society - Michael Barone
College radicals are pushing identity politics out into the wider society.

President Trump: Have Education Department Mandate Active Shooter Protocols - Lawrence Meyers
Israel figured out how to prevent school shootings 40 years ago.

Florida Shooting — Reflecting the Worst in Our Culture - Thomas Gallatin
A moral problem of the heart that politics is powerless to solve.

Our Infrastructure Is Not 'Crumbling' - David Harsanyi
Simply a siren song to higher, more wasteful, spending.

If You're Reading This, You're Dead - Erick Erickson
We are in an age of unreasonableness and hysteria. No one seems immune.

A Difficult Year for Romance - Georgie Anne Geyer
Valentine's Day should probably just be abolished this year.

Rand Paul Was Right - Chris Cillizza
Even more incredibly, CNN gets this one right as well: GOP hypocrisy.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Abraham Lincoln"Few can be induced to labor exclusively for posterity. Posterity has done nothing for us." - Abraham Lincoln  (2/22/1842)

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