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Know Your Stuff

American States, Territories and Possessions
Ordered by Name

Re-Order List:  by Population  by Number of Electors  by Admission  by Land Area  

Alabama   - "Heart of Dixie" Montgomery
Alaska  Juneau
American Samoa (Territory) Pago Pago
Arizona   - "The Grand Canyon State" Phoenix
Arkansas   - "Land of Opportunity" Little Rock
Baker and Howland Islands (Territory) [None]
California   - "The Golden State" Sacramento
Colorado   - "The Centennial State" Denver
Connecticut   - "The Constitution State" Hartford
Delaware   - "The First State" Dover
District of Columbia (Federal District) Washington
Florida   - "The Sunshine State" Tallahassee
Georgia   - "The Peach State" Atlanta
Guam (Territory) Agaña
Hawaii   - "The Aloha State" Honolulu
Idaho   - "The Gem State" Boise
Illinois   - "The Prairie State" Springfield
Indiana   - "The Hoosier State" Indianapolis
Iowa   - "The Hawkeye State" Des Moines
Jarvis Island (Territory) [None]
Johnston Atoll (Territory) [None]
Kansas   - "The Sunflower State" Topeka
Kentucky   - "The Bluegrass State" Frankfort
Kingman Reef (Territory) [None]
Louisiana   - "The Pelican State" Baton Rouge
Maine   - "The Pine Tree State" Augusta
Maryland   - "The Free State" Annapolis
Massachusetts   - "The Bay State" Boston
Michigan   - "The Wolverine State" Lansing
Midway Island (Territory) [None]
Minnesota   - "The North Star State" St. Paul
Mississippi   - "The Magnolia State" Jackson
Missouri   - "The Show-Me State" Jefferson City
Montana   - "Big Sky Country" Helena
Navassa (Territory) [None]
Nebraska   - "The Cornhusker State" Lincoln
Nevada   - "The Silver State" Carson City
New Hampshire   - "The Granite State" Concord
New Jersey   - "The Garden State" Trenton
New Mexico   - "Land of Enchantment" Santa Fe
New York   - "The Empire State" Albany
North Carolina   - "The Tarheel State" Raleigh
North Dakota   - "The Sioux State" Bismarck
Northern Marianas Islands (Autonomous Commonwealth) Saipan
Ohio   - "The Buckeye State" Columbus
Oklahoma   - "The Sooner State" Oklahoma City
Oregon   - "The Beaver State" Salem
Palmyra Atoll (Territory) [None]
Pennsylvania   - "The Keystone State" Harrisburg
Puerto Rico (Autonomous Commonwealth) San Juan
Rhode Island   - "The Ocean State" Providence
South Carolina   - "The Palmetto State" Columbia
South Dakota   - "The Coyote State" Pierre
Tennessee   - "The Volunteer State" Nashville
Texas   - "The Lone Star State" Austin
U.S. Virgin Islands (Territory) Charlotte Amalie
Utah   - "The Mormon State" Salt Lake City
Vermont   - "The Green Mountain State" Montpelier
Virginia   - "Old Dominion" Richmond
Wake Island (Territory) [None]
Washington   - "The Evergreen State" Olympia
West Virginia   - "The Mountain State" Charleston
Wisconsin   - "The Badger State" Madison
Wyoming   - "The Equality State" Cheyenne

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