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Most recent Editorials
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Collectivism Never Dies - Laura Hollis (2/10/2019)
f our government cannot afford decent quality care for fewer than 20 million living veterans or 5 million Native Americans, what makes anyone think that it will be able to provide care for the entire population of the United States?

It's Time to Reclaim the 14th Amendment for Unborn Persons - Rebecca Hagelin (2/10/2019)
The right to life under the Constitution is not debatable — but even many in the pro-life movement have accepted that it is. Abortion takes the life of a person without due process, which is a clear violation of the 14th Amendment.

Slaughter of the Innocents Reaches New Depths - Cal Thomas (2/9/2019)
What has been legislated in New York, been attempted in Virginia and may be coming soon to a state near you, can be considered nothing less than an updated form of child sacrifice. Sound extreme? Abortion on demand once sounded extreme, too.

Kamala Harris Sounds a Lot Like an Authoritarian - David Harsanyi (2/8/2019)
It wouldn't be fair to accuse presidential hopeful Kamala Harris of supporting state control over the means of all production. To this point, the senator is focused only on the energy, health care, auto manufacturing and education sectors.

Stop Putting Politics Before Country - John Kasun (2/7/2019)
The first and most important responsibility of our elected officials within Congress is to protect the United States of America and its citizens. In this regard, it is clear that our representatives in both parties have failed miserably.

The Long, Painful Slide Down the Slippery Slope - Wesley Pruden (2/6/2019)
We're not any longer talking about abortion, the issue that has bitterly divided us for decades. Now we're talking about the step beyond creating life. We're talking about "murder," perhaps the ugliest word in the language.

From 'Safe, Legal, and Rare' to 'Dangerous, Imposed, and Frequent' - The Washington Examiner (2/5/2019)
The total embrace of abortion on demand was on full display last week as New York state lawmakers cheered the passage of their abortion bill, offering the odious bit of legislation a thunderous, standing ovation.

Dems Seek to Purge Constitution From Election Process - Jordan Chandler (2/4/2019)
"H.R. 1 [the so-called 'For the People Act of 2019', introduced in the House] would cause sweeping and irrevocable damage to the free speech, privacy, and integrity that are central components to free and fair elections in America."

Reality Will Soon Check In for the New Women in Congress - Kathleen Parker (2/3/2019)
As the new freshman class of congressional women bopped, hopped and doo-wopped into town, old sourpusses smirked — they'll meet reality soon enough .

In Defense of Assimilation - Rich Lowry (2/2/2019)
The worst thought crime is the one you don't realize you're committing. So it was with NBC News legend Tom Brokaw, who — for good reason — didn't understand that assimilation is now a third rail of American politics.

The Kulaks Must Be Liquidated as a Class - Kevin D. Williamson (2/1/2019)
You may not feel like a kulak. You may take comfort in hearing that only the "tippy-top" wealthiest people are to be expropriated in the name of social justice. Those children at Covington Catholic probably didn't think they were Nazis either.

Reading between the Maligns - Tony Perkins (1/31/2019)
When a group of high schoolers behave more grown up than the mobs who come after them, the Left is losing its grip on a lot more than reality. It's losing its argument for America.

Restoring Common Census - Arnold Ahlert (1/30/2019)
Does the Left want free and fair elections? The 1993 National Voter Registration Act and the 2002 Help America Vote Act require each state to maintain accurate voter rolls. Yet as the evidence indicates, these laws are often ignored.

The Covington Rorschach Test - Michelle Malkin (1/29/2019)
Only among the most deranged partisans could a universal sports ritual, a common high school activity, a typical teen face and patriotic headgear be construed as evil symbols of patriarchal oppression.

Trump Must Go to the Mat Over Liberal Judge's Ruling on Census Question - Hans von Spakovsky (1/28/2019)
A Manhattan district court judge earlier this week blocked the Trump administration from adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 census, and in doing so has sought to weaken executive power while strengthening the administrative state.

A Border Wall for $55 - Diane Dimond (1/27/2019)
When all is said and done, the wall will cost $18 billion. That sounds like a boatload of money, doesn't it? But divide $18 billion by the 328 million men, women and children in the U.S. and, well, that comes out to about $55 apiece.

America: The new Socialist Frontier - Alexander G. Markovsky (1/26/2019)
It seems that socialism is like an infectious disease that everyone has to get ill of to develop immunity. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointed out, "For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while for many people in the West, it is still a living lion."

Hypocrisy on Morality - Adriana Cohen (1/25/2019)
Morality for thee, but not for me. That's the Democratic Party's elitist modus operandi when it comes to casting aspersions and judging President Donald Trump's character, marital issues and moral compass but not their own.

Fact-Free Politics: From Climate Change to Trickle Down - Thomas Sowell (1/24/2019)
Among the most popular current catchwords are "climate change deniers." Stop and think. Have you ever — even once in your entire life — seen, heard or read even one human being who denied that climates change?

Dems' "Tax the Rich" Hoax - Betsey McCaughey (1/23/2019)
Progressive Democrats eyeing a White House run in 2020 are literally lying about the economy to sell their pie-in-the-sky government programs. Misleading the public, they're campaigning as if we're in a depression instead of a boom.

When Socialism Is Romanticized - Richard W. Rahn (1/22/2019)
If we are all equal, as the socialists tell us, why are some involuntary slaves to others, at least part time? Fortunately, we don't have to figure this out because, back in 1945, the English author George Orwell did it for us and everyone else.

The Only Burger in Town - Eric Peters (1/21/2019)
Government contracting is an almost $500 billion per year business — with the lion's share of that (two-thirds) going to about 200 contractors, many of them having a lock on that business.

Shutdown 'Crisis' - John Stossel (1/20/2019)
Looking around America, people are still going about their business -- families eating in restaurants, employees going to work, etc. We have to ask: Where's the crisis? Pundits talk as if government is the most important part of America, but it isn

Memo to Trump: Declare an Emergency - Pat Buchanan (1/19/2019)
In the long run, history will validate Mr. Trump's stand on a border wall to defend the sovereignty and security of the United States. Why? Because mass migration from the global South, not climate change, is the real existential crisis of the West.

The Ironies of Illegal Immigration - Victor Davis Hanson (1/18/2019)
If the U.S. treated immigrants in the fashion that Mexico does, then Mexican citizens would probably never emigrate to the U.S. In sum, illegal immigration is both logical and nonsensical.

Black Education: A Glimmer of Hope - Walter Williams (1/17/2019)
Time to take on libs and pols -- enablers of kids alien and hostile to the educational process -- for making learning impossible for everybody else. Then get black communities and families to work helping their kids learn.

Top 10 Things Liberals Will Try To Ban Within The Next Decade - Kurt Schlichter (1/16/2019)
Liberals are all about freedom…their freedom to tell us Normal Americans what to think, how to feel, and what to do. And the highest form of liberalism is the ban, a bar to an activity, institution, or attitude that they wish to suppress.

Can the President Constitutionally Declare a State of Emergency To Build the Wall? - KrisAnne Hall (1/15/2019)
Every state of emergency refers to the National Emergencies Acts as the source of its authority. So the real question is "Does the Constitution authorize Congress to alter (expand or contract) executive power by legislative act?" The answer is "No."

'Green New Deal' a Product of Ideological Recycling - Jonah Goldberg (1/14/2019)
Here we go again. The militaristic organization of the domestic economy is a hallmark of nationalist movements. But nationalism is a dirty word among liberals today.

Navigating the Great Divide - Stephen Moore (1/13/2019)
What if we arrived at a point where a solid majority of Californians wanted independence (and perhaps states like Washington and Oregon sought to join them)? Should they have the moral and constitutional right to do so?

Trump Puts Brakes on Federal Gravy Train - Betsy McCaughey (1/12/2019)
Federal employees are riding the gravy train, and the rest of us working stiffs who pay the taxes to support the federal government are taken for a ride.

Nero's Fiddling, 'But Hey, We Feel Good' - Everett Piper (1/11/2019)
The feelings versus facts narrative has destroyed our culture, and it will continue to do so. It's now all about "bread and circuses." Nero fiddles — he entertains us, he feeds us, he placates us — yet, Rome burns.

2018 Brought a Bumper Crop of Bad Gun Laws to Disobey - J.D. Tuccille (1/10/2019)
Control freaks who want to disarm you doubled-down last year on bad legislative ideas that have a long history of failure. They've also turned to dishonest rulemaking and outright censorship in their doomed but still dangerous efforts.

How About a Taxpayer Shutdown? - Charles Hurt (1/9/2019)
The federal government has been shut down for three weeks now and it is hard to find a single tax-paying, Average-Joe citizen who has been affected — unless, of course, you happen to work for Uncle Sam.

How the War Party Lost the Middle East - Pat Buchanan (1/8/2019)
We are told ISIS is not dead but alive in the hearts of tens of thousands of Muslims, that if we leave Syria and Afghanistan, our enemies will take over and our friends will be massacred.These are the fruits of 17 years of American blood and treasure.

When Democrats Embraced the 'Southern Border Fencing Strategy' - Byron York (1/7/2019)
In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, which mandated the construction of multilayer pedestrian fencing along about 600 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. It passed with big, bipartisan majorities.

The "Green New Deal" - Tom Elliott (1/6/2019)
A radical mandate for government control of American society. "Ocasio-Cortez sees this plan is being a vehicle through which social equality might finally realized, as it will use reparations to right historical injustices."

Democrats Introduce Bill to Kill Electoral College - John Nolte (1/5/2019)
Desperate to bring the Tyranny of the Majority to our representative democracy, on the first day Democrats assumed control of the House of Representatives, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) submitted a bill to kill the electoral college.

The Left Will Make 2019 a Dark Year - Dennis Prager (1/4/2019)
the Democratic Party and the media will do to American political life what it has done to education; the Boy Scouts; race relations; religion; and the moral fabric of American life: It will poison it.

The War on Hope - Robert Knight (1/3/2019)
From the Boy Scouts to the Knights of Columbus, it's open season on anything that doesn't fit the cracked new world of socialism and sexual anarchy that "progressives" are fashioning for us all.

And Now the Boy Scouts - Cal Thomas (1/2/2019)
The erosion of what many Americans once believed were the foundations of our country continues apace. It's now the Boy Scouts of America's turn to join the sad parade.

Five Dumb Arguments Against 'the Wall' - David Catron (1/1/2019)
The benefits of building a wall on our southern border are so obvious and abundant that, in a sane political environment, there would be no debate about whether it should be done.

Democrats' 'Green Raw Deal' Will Deliver Only Socialism And Misery - Investor's Business Daily (12/31/2018)
Democrats will try to flex their new-found electoral muscle in Congress by pushing for what has been described as the "largest expansion of government in decades." It's called the Green New Deal, and it promises to be a major economic disaster.

Communists, Ocasio-Cortez and … Jesus? - Marina Medvin (12/30/2018)
The only difference between the commies of yesteryear and the commies of today are the designer suits and Manolo Blahnik shoes, purchased on the Capitalist market at Capitalist prices. The ideas, the strategies, and the propaganda remain the same.

Beware Silicon Valley Santas in the Schools - Michelle Malkin (12/29/2018)
Why give captive schoolchildren more tech crack inside the classroom? And what is this "personalized learning" mumbo jumbo? That's what human beings -- you know, parents and teachers -- are for at home and at school.

A Deficit-Happy Government May Lead to a Debt-Driven Financial Crisis - Veronique de Rugy (12/28/2018)
There are milestones you celebrate: a kid's first step, a round-numbered birthday, a marriage anniversary. And then there are the milestones you dread: Reaching $22 trillion in national debt is one of them.

End the Chaos at the Border - Deena Flinchum (12/27/2018)
Nearly all recent deportees came to the U.S. in pursuit of work. The chaos at the border will continue unless Congress reforms our warped asylum and employment laws, which entice people to illegally journey to the U.S.

Whatever Happened to Skid Row? - R. Emmett Tyrrell (12/26/2018)
The path to the future is not well-lit, but one thing is clear: If urban government continues as it has since the days when the homeless replaced the hobo and skid row, the homeless population will only grow.

A Message of Peace, from Apollo - David Shribman (12/25/2018)
The astronauts knew their mission to the far side of the moon was an important landmark in the human story, and they knew they had to say something — something profound — to mark the occasion. They chose well.

Follow the (Climate Change) Money - Stephen Moore (12/24/2018)
After three decades of "research" the only "solution" to climate change is for the world to stop using fossil fuels, which is like saying that we should stop growing food. Obviously, the scientists are in it for the money, not the solutions.

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