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Most recent Editorials
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The American Art of Renewal - Victor Davis Hanson (8/8/2018)
Radical turnarounds have been common in U.S. history. As the ancient Athenian historian Thucydides noted, large democracies are by nature volatile, they can mobilize quickly, and they can change on a dime — sometimes in the right direction.

Resisting Progress - Caroline C. Lewis (8/7/2018)
The resistance made its first public appearance at the inauguration. Breaking windows, lighting cars on fire, and striking fear into those who attended the event, #resist certainly made the news. But does violence and vandalism "save democracy"?

Being a Socialist Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry - Ben Shapiro (8/6/2018)
"So, how are you planning to pay for that?" This should be the first question asked about any political program. Unfortunately, it's not. And that's why Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are thought leaders for their parties.

NATO Isn't for Defending Montenegro - Marc A. Thiessen (8/5/2018)
The whole point of NATO is not to defend Montenegro; it is to make sure we never have to defend Montenegro — or Warsaw, or Paris, or London again.

The Battle Over Socialism Is Joined - Rich Lowry (8/4/2018)
It's begun. We are having a debate over socialism. Not over whether it's fair to call Democrats socialists. Not over whether socialism has been good for Venezuela or some other faraway, unfortunate country. But about having it here.

Dems No Longer Believe in Hard Work - Betsy McCaughey (8/3/2018)
Would you rather show up at work on time or stretch out on the sofa and watch TV? Stupid question. Most people punch a clock out of necessity. But progressive Democrats want to make work optional and guarantee a slew of benefits to everyone.

The Seduction of Socialism - Cal Thomas (8/2/2018)
For the current generation, sometimes referred to as millennials, it appears one thing is more seductive than sex — and that's socialism.

Justice Department Weighs in to Protect Free Speech on Campus - Hans von Spakovsky and Christopher Baldacci (8/1/2018)
n the face of Orwellian speech codes on campus — and with the help of advocacy groups like Speech First Inc. — college students have been fighting to defend their First Amendment right to free speech.

Can We Trust Experts? - Walter Williams (7/31/2018)
The point of all this is to say that we can listen to experts but take what they predict with a grain or two of salt.

What Are Democrats Running On? - Laura Hollis (7/30/2018)
Democrats -- once a reliable bastion of support for First Amendment rights -- have largely abandoned them. In place of legislation to protect speech, they now use their political power to silence speech they don't like and compel that which they do.

The Policy of Unintended Consequences - Ben Shapiro (7/29/2018)
This is the problem with government policy in general: It's a blunderbuss. Collateral damage from any broad-based policy is likely to far surpass the damage undergone by individuals in a free market system.

The Senate Protects Our Freedoms - Scott Rasmussen (7/28/2018)
Without the Senate, tyrannical majorities in coastal America could completely ignore the concerns of those who live in the middle of the country. They could pass laws that make sense in New York and California but are completely inappropriate elsewhere.

Liberal War on Work - Stephen Moore (7/27/2018)
Once upon a time, work for welfare was a pretty accepted notion. In 1996, Bill Clinton signed a strict workfare bill that was so popular, it helped him get re-elected. If ever there were a public policy triumph, this was it.

Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism - Kurt Schlichter (7/26/2018)
We are not better than that, and this is who we are. We're fighting back, no matter how much and how shrilly the Fredocons complain. We're Normal Americans and we're done being the guests of honor at the liberals' witch burnings.

Fruits, Nuts, and Democrats - Burt Prelutsky (7/26/2018)
California is Detroit on steroids. It once boasted superior schools, beautiful cities, a very solvent economy, and the best climate in the country. After being run exclusively by Democrats for the past several decades, not so mucjh.

Dems Smear Kavanaugh - Betsy McCaughey (7/25/2018)
Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says Democrats can sink Kavanaugh by showing how his appointment will lead to a court majority that "repeals [the Affordable Care Act] with its protections for pre-existing conditions."

Mark Zuckerberg Is Right - Erick Erickson (7/24/2018)
The hysteria of the Left over the free speech issue and its demands that some views be silenced will only suggest to some that those views should be explored as some bit of gnostic knowledge.

Here's an Indisputable Fact: Immigrants Bring Cultural Change - Dennis Prager (7/23/2018)
The most frequently used description of America by those who advocate for large numbers of immigrants — those here legally or illegally — is "America is a nation of immigrants." The statement sounds meaningful. But in reality, it's meaning

Losing Sight of the Goal - Allison Lee Pillinger Choi (7/22/2018)
In the "progressive" race-based vision of affirmative action, diversity is prioritized over educational standards. This framework pursues diversity for diversity's sake, losing sight of improved education for those who need it most.

Yes, Democrats Are Now The Party Of Open Borders - Investor's Business Daily (7/21/2018)
Democrats want to neuter the one agency responsible for enforcing border security. They want to make it easy for illegals who cross to stay in the country. And they want to give them the right to vote.

NATO's Challenge Is Germany, Not America - Victor Davis Hanson (7/20/2018)
Germany demands that the United States continue to be the largest funder of NATO and yet has an unfavorable view of America — and an increasingly favorable view of NATO's supposed common threat, Russia.

Laws Are for the Little People - J.D. Tuccille (7/19/2018)
So long as we're going to tolerate government officials exempting themselves from the rules they inflict on the rest of us, we might just have to be happy when there's no body count.

Yes, the Supreme Court Is Undemocratic - Rich Lowry (7/18/2018)
In an era of partisan polarization, it is rare to get agreement on anything, but about this there should be a consensus: The Supreme Court is an undemocratic institution whose power should be carefully circumscribed.

Why This Supreme Court Nominee Matters - Ken Blackwell (7/17/2018)
Candidate Donald Trump had many Republican critics. Some voted for him only out of concern for judges. With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he repaid their confidence in full.

Living in Revolutionary Times - Robert Knight (7/16/2018)
Unlike America's Revolution, which the colonists fought to restore God-given rights usurped by King George III, the French Revolution ushered in the false religion of socialism, grounded in atheism.

Kavanaugh Threatens the Left's Right to Cheat - Ann Coulter (7/15/2018)
What liberals call "rights" are legislative proposals that they can't pass through normal democratic processes — at least outside of the states they've already flipped with immigration, like California.

Reciprocity Is the Method to Trump's Madness - Victor Davis Hanson (7/14/2018)
Trump's entire foreign policy can be summed up as a demand for symmetry from all partners and allies, and tit-for-tat replies to would-be enemies.

What The Courts Are For - Ben Shapiro (7/13/2018)
The judicial branch was never meant to act as a superlegislature, using the verbiage of the Constitution in order to implement preferred policy prescriptions.

The Asylum Hoax - Betsy McCaughey (7/12/2018)
People hoping to settle in the United States wait years for a green card to be legal residents. They play by the rules. Yet these law-abiding newcomers must feel like idiots, watching what's happening on the southern border.

We Must Reform Obama's School Discipline Policies for the Safety of Our Children - Kay Coles James (7/11/2018)
Today, kids who bully and assault their classmates too often do so without fear of punishment. They know teachers have lost control. And they realize they can get away with behavior that never used to be tolerated.

Is a Trump Court in the Making? - Pat Buchanan (7/11/2018)
If Mitch McConnell's Senate can confirm his new nominee for the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump may have completed the capture of all three branches of the U.S. government for the Republican Party.

Kavanaugh Nomination Is About the Constitution, Not Politics - Mark Davis (7/10/2018)
The danger in seeking a "conservative" justice is that it frames the pick in precisely the wrong way: politically. The Supreme Court was never intended to be a robed legislature hammering out decisions to satisfy a mixed constituency.

Family Separation Not Trump Administration's Fault - Hans von Spakovsky (7/10/2018)
The reason that children can't stay with their parents who are being prosecuted under federal immigration law is because of a court's misinterpretation of a settlement agreed to by the Clinton administration — not the Trump administration.

Democrats Love Socialism Because They Want To Take Your Stuff And Enslave You - Kurt Schlichter (7/9/2018)
Socialism is about taking your stuff and your freedom and killing you if you complain. They try to pass it off as just Liberalism 2.0, but then you usually don't call something by a name unless you mean it.

Donald Trump's Mainstream Immigration Policy - Byron York (7/8/2018)
Perhaps no Trump policy has provoked more emotional reaction than the practice of separating illegal border crossers from the children they brought with them to the United States.

Free Speech for the Goose - Laura Hollis (7/7/2018)
Alas, the left is waking up to the reality that all Americans have free speech rights. Surprise! The constitutional protection that is sauce for the progressive goose is also sauce for the conservative gander.

Roe Is a Travesty - Rich Lowry (7/6/2018)
The prospect of overturning Roe v. Wade will be at the foreground of the battle over Justice Anthony Kennedy's replacement, and it should be.

Freedom Is, Once Again, on the March in the United States of America - Rebecca Hagelin (7/5/2018)
Although he has retaken much ground lost to liberal tyranny in recent decades, President Trump cannot restore all of our freedoms alone.

America Celebrates Another Freedom Revolution - Ken Blackwell (7/4/2018)
Today we admire the Declaration as historic literature. But at the time it was a profoundly revolutionary document. The 56 men who affixed their signatures were committing an act of treason.

With Its Janus Decision, the Supreme Court Corrected Itself on First Amendment Freedoms - George Will (7/3/2018)
The Supreme Court is especially admirable when correcting especially deplorable prior decisions, as with the 1954 school desegregation decision rejecting a 1896 decision's "separate but equal" doctrine. It did so again last Wednesday.

The Immigration Mess - Scott Rasmussen (7/2/2018)
Clearly, a debate focused around the narrow question of how to deal with families entering the U.S. illegally will not lead to a lasting solution for the current immigration mess.

'Living Constitution' Faces a Mercy Killing - Jonah Goldberg (7/1/2018)
The panic unfolding across the progressive landscape stems from the creeping fear that the Supreme Court might start doing its job -- and not the job progressives have assigned it.

This Stuff Actually Matters - Erick Erickson (6/30/2018)
As hostility to the faith grows, many will choose to be liked by the world instead of choosing to honor God. They won't want to be called bigots or homophobes or risk their livelihoods. But Christian sexual ethics still matter.

The Fourth Amendment Enters the 21st Century - George Will (6/29/2018)
There is a circularity to the Court's test of whether, regarding this or that, the public has a "reasonable expectation of privacy": The Court's decisions powerfully shape the expectations that purport to control the decisions.

Discrimination Law Isn't Supposed to 'Punish the Wicked' - Ryan T. Anderson (6/28/2018)
The Supreme Court has said clearly that the government may not punish people because of their religious beliefs. Any generally applicable, neutral law must serve the common good, not punish those whom people in power deem to be "wicked."

'Abolish ICE' Zealots Occupy Fantasy Island - Michelle Malkin (6/28/2018)
If the Kumbaya leaders of the Abolish ICE campaign were limited to just ragtag Millennials demanding the whole world operate like an Oberlin College co-op or Fantasy Island, it would be easy to dismiss.

Has the West the Will to Survive? - Pat Buchanan (6/27/2018)
Does the survival of the West as a civilization require a ruthlessness the West no longer possess? Consider what our fathers did to build this country.

Enforcement, Not Separation, Is the Issue - Rich Lowry (6/26/2018)
Trump is right to want to end this dynamic and swiftly and reliably deport new migrants, which would be the only sure deterrent against the ongoing influx. But unless Congress acts, it will likely prove impossible.

Left Coast Lawlessness - Alex Titus (6/25/2018)
There's nothing generous or compassionate about letting troubled people sleep on pavement surrounded by used needles. Public-health agencies must enforce basic sanitation standards; individuals should not be going unpunished for public defecation.

Google 'Internet,' Media! - Ann Coulter (6/24/2018)
Our country is being victimized by a network of con-artist foreigners and America-hating left-wingers passing out fake papers, fake stories and fake scripts to Third-Worlders who lie about seeking "asylum" to get in on the American gravy train.

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