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It's Deeper Than Having a Gun Debate - The Altoona Mirror (10/6/2017)
How do we identify these threats to the public? How do we deal with them, without the risk of taking away the liberties of many other people who may be no worse than erratic — but hardly homicidal?

Gender Identity: Why All the Confusion? - The Patriot Post (10/5/2017)
The idea that gender-identification is now a personal choice might sound enlightened to some, but it's actually a very anti-scientific view of one of the essential facts of life: men and women are inherently different.

The Religious vs. Gays - Diane Dimond (10/4/2017)
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a Colorado case in which both sides say their separate constitutional rights were violated. It raises the question: Whose constitutionally guaranteed rights matter most?

GOP Identity Crisis in the Age of Trump - Robin Smith (10/3/2017)
You either believe in something and consistently work in a principled manner toward outcomes applying those principles, or you don't. The GOP's identity crisis relates to having those in office who are principled in word and deed.

Disabled by Government - John Stossel (10/2/2017)
A third threat to free speech at University of California, Berkeley has led to more censorship than political rioters or college administrators. It's the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Republicans Should Reject "Bipartisan" Solution for ObamaCare - David Harsanyi (10/1/2017)
For the first time in American history, the party in power is being asked to bail out the minority's signature failed reform. Not just any reform: Democrats unilaterally shoved through a national restructuring of a vital part of the economy.

Constitutional Perspective for Taxes - Louis DeBroux (9/30/2017)
The purpose of taxes is to fund the legitimate functions of government, but how do we determine what is legitimate? Luckily, the Founders clearly defined those legitimate functions in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

Not a Day Care - Walter Williams (9/29/2017)
Diversity is the highest goal of students and professors who openly detest those with whom they disagree. The content of a man's character is no longer as important as the color of his skin or his sex or his political loyalties.

Alumni: If You Care About Education, Hold That Check - Michael Rubin (9/28/2017)
Simply put, it's time for alumni to recognize their annual checks, capital campaign commitments, and end-of-life behests do more harm than good and are killing the educational institutions which they hold so dear.

The Vietnam War 2017 - Mark Shields (9/27/2017)
"Armies don't fight wars. Countries fight wars. I hope to hell we learned that in Vietnam. (Tragically, we did not.) ... A country fights a war. If it doesn't, then we shouldn't send an army."

A Leaner Government Is 'Easy.' But Is It Possible? - Michael Swartz (9/26/2017)
It's been almost two decades since Americans had a government with a balanced budget, but there are those who dream it's possible again. Among those dreamers are the budgetary advocates of Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW),

Planting the Seeds of American Independence - Rob Natelson (9/25/2017)
The Farmer letters went well beyond asserting the case against taxation without representation; they also helped clarify American thinking on other questions, including: Which government responsibilities should be exercised centrally and which locally?

Constitution at 230: Separation of Powers Prevents a Democratic Tyranny - Hans von Spakovsky (9/24/2017)
The Framers recognized both the benefits and the dangers of an efficient national government. To mitigate the danger, they divvied up power among three branches of government, the principle we call separation of powers.

Bring Back Horsewhipping - Thomas J. Craughwell (9/23/2017)
Vandals have defaced the Baltimore monument in honor of Francis Scott Key, whose most famous work is known today as "The Star-Spangled Banner" and is, of course, our National Anthem. And how, precisely, has he angered our modern protesters?

Leftism Is Not Liberalism - Dennis Prager (9/22/2017)
The two have almost nothing in common. On the contrary, liberalism has far more in common with conservatism than it does with leftism. The Left has appropriated the word "liberal" so effectively that almost everyone thinks they are synonymous.

Trump May Awaken a Slumbering Congress - George Wll (9/21/2017)
Today, worse is better. The president's manifest and manifold inadequacies might awaken a slumbering Congress to the existence of its Article I powers and responsibilities.

Government Must Make People Self-Reliant - Jere Cross (9/20/2017)
We all know that government spending, especially on the state and federal level is out of control. The elected officials often talk about getting our spending under control but very rarely ever do.

We're All to Blame - Walter Williams (9/19/2017)
Where do you think Congress gets the resources for profligate spending? Not the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. The only way Congress can give one American a dollar is to use threats, intimidation and coercion to confiscate that dollar from another American.

Celebrating Constitution Day - Mark Miller (9/18/2017)
Our founding fathers crafted the Constitution to separate the powers among the three branches of our federal government to ensure no single authority could amass too much power. But today's elected officials ignore that fundamental demand.

Replace Mount Rushmore With These 4 Men? - Mychal Massie (9/17/2017)
Blacks and progressive bigots on both sides of the political aisle are quite proud of themselves in the weeks following the murder and mayhem that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. Why not extend it to its illogical conclusion?

North Korea: Apocalypse When? - Dr. Earl Tilford
History is about learning from our mistakes. Perhaps the biggest mistake humans make is going to war half-cocked. We did it in 1861. Europe did in 1914. And we did it again in 1964 when President Lyndon Johnson decided to "not lose a war" rather than win

The Democrat Repeal and Replace Plan: Single-Payer - David Catron (9/15/2017)
There is a significant bloc of conservatives who believe that Obamacare was always a gigantic bait-and-switch operation. The advocates of this view have consistently said that Obamacare's true goal was to wreak havoc on the health care system. Aha!

Are You Sure You Want Medicare for All? - J.D. Tuccille (9/14/2017)
Promising, as Sanders and Warren do, to give everybody high-quality health care without regard for ability to pay will always find an enthusiastic audience.

I'll Take That! - Greg Walcher (9/13/2017)
Suzette Kelo bought what she thought was her dream house, a little pink cottage in Connecticut with a great view, where the Thames River flows into Long Island Sound. She lovingly restored the home, but her dream didn't last.

A Century of Ghastly Communist Sadism - A. Barton Hinkle (9/12/2017)
Santayana probably was not speaking the literal truth when he said those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. But forgetting the past certainly makes its repetition, or at least its imitation, more likely.

A DACA Deal Should Include Real Enforcement - National Review (9/11/2017)
DACA is an extralegal amnesty at odds with our constitutional system. It has to go. But the delayed fuse gives Congress an opportunity to pass legislation dealing with this sub-set of the illegal population.

Antifa Has Backed Its Message With Violence for Decades in Europe - Fredrik Segerfeldt (9/10/2017)
The American outfit copycats its elder siblings from across the pond, blending in with democratic leftist groups (acting as self-appointed bodyguards), creating Lenin-style united-front coalitions to gain legitimacy (who is not an anti-fascist?)

What's in a Shoe? The Death of Feminism - Noemie Emery (9/9/2017)
What's in a shoe? The decline and fall of a once vibrant movement that long ago did some good things for women, but has drifted into uselessness and insanity long since.

The Deeper Currents of American Politics - Scott Rasmussen (9/8/2017)
The political elites are actively trying to divert the currents of American society away from our founding ideals. Our challenge is to make sure the river keeps flowing and wears away whatever obstacles they put in place.

Saving the Country From Its Own Government - Scott Powell (9/7/2017)
Make no mistake. Removing statues and monuments related to the Confederacy, which is driven by the Left, is not about redressing the legacy of slavery and racism, but rather it's to advance the agenda to take down the United States.

Labor Day, Freedom, and the Wreck of Socialism - The Washington Examiner (9/6/2017)
Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, leaders of the ascendant left wing of the Democratic Party, believe that socialism in some form is crucial for America's better future. History clearly says very much the opposite.

The Devil's Silence - Erick Erickson (9/5/2017)
The devil's silence is coming most noticeably for the church in America. Cultural revolutionaries assail orthodox Christianity as hateful and bigoted. If you adhere to the faith, you must be one of those hicks bitterly clinging to guns and religion.

I Stand for the Constitution - Laura Hollis (9/4/2017)
There are those working behind the scenes to whip up frenzies and exploit them. Terrified, angry people are easily turned into weapons. When that happens, no one is safe, no relationship is sacred, and no institution is secure.

How to Harvest an Ill Wind - Wesley Pruden (9/3/2017)
No organization exploits misery and suffering like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which makes millions off the hate it promotes in the name of tolerance. Money now headed to offshore banks.

Innocent Words (and Names) Are Under Attack - Victor Davis Hanson (9/2/2017)
For an antidote to the statue-smashers and name-changers, Americans seek just one honest public official who dares to say "no more" — and arrests rather than appeases those who destroy public property.

Militarizing Law Enforcement Deserves Careful Scrutiny - Louis DeBroux (9/1/2017)
Let's equip our law enforcement officers to keep the peace, wage rescue operations, and deal with riots like those in Ferguson. But let's think twice, and then a few more times, before we equip our peace officers for domestic warfare.

Hate on the Left - John C. Goodman (8/31/2017)
Estimates are that almost 170 million people were killed in the 20th century by their own governments. These are not deaths in war. They are the victims of genocide by the governments in the countries where they lived. Largely leftist countries.

Forfeiture Loot Corrupts Justice - Jacob Sullum (8/30/2017)
Since it is the law enforcement agencies themselves who keep the dough, civil asset forfeiture creates a problem, encouraging police and prosecutors to take property from innocent owners and turn a deaf ear to their objections.

What Still Unites Us? - Pat Buchanan (8/29/2017)
What holds us together into the indefinite future? What makes us one nation and one people? What do we offer mankind, as nations seem to recoil from what we are becoming?

Understanding the Purpose of Confederate Memorials - Richard H. Black (8/28/2017)
Those who paid the price in blood formed bonds of brotherhood for the benefit of America. We do them a disservice when we reverse those magnanimous acts of love and mercy.

To Move Our Nation Forward, Lift Up America's Founding Ideals - Scott Rasmussen (8/27/2017)
Our political system is badly broken. In fact, it may be broken beyond repair. It has been more than 45 years since a majority of Americans trusted the federal government. Simply put, our government does not have the consent of the governed.

Alt-Right's Despicability Doesn't Make 'Antifa' the Good Guys - Jonah Goldberg (8/26/2017)
Fighting Nazis is a good thing, but fighting Nazis doesn't necessarily make you or your cause good. The greatest Nazi-killer of the 20th century was Josef Stalin. 'Nuff said.

Voting Fraud Exists. It Just Does - Diane Dimond (8/25/2017)
Crimes are being committed in the United States every time there is an election. There are plenty of illegally registered voters on the rolls, and a good portion of them are casting ballots.

Silicon Valley Billionaires Are the New Robber Barons - Victor Davis Hanson (8/24/2017)
They outsourced, offshored, monopolized, and made billions — without much fear of media muckraking, trust-busters, unionizing activists or diversity lawsuits. Hip billionaire corporatism is one of the strangest progressive hypocrisies of our times.

Pro-Choicers Should Explain Why They Think Eugenics Is Acceptable - David Harsanyi (8/23/2017)
Due to the rise of prenatal screening tests in Europe and the United States, the number of babies born with Down syndrome has begun to diminish significantly. And no one is "eradicating Down syndrome births" quite like Iceland.

The American Left's Infatuation With Communism - Arnold Ahlert (8/22/2017)
The riot in Charlottesville was a stark reminder of the American Left's dubious double standard. While leftists are contemptuous of the Nazism underlying white supremacist hate groups, they retain a soft spot in their hearts for Communism.

America's 2nd Civil War - Pat Buchanan (8/21/2017)
Like ISIS, which smashed the storied ruins of Palmyra, and the al-Qaida rebels who ravaged the fabled Saharan city of Timbuktu, the new barbarism has come to America. This is going to become a blazing issue, not only between but within the parties.

Google Women - John Stossel (8/20/2017)
Social engineers may dream of a society where genders are exactly equal. But it's not going to happen. Companies and governments trying to force it will just make life worse.

Beware the ObamaCare-Industrial Complex - Stephen Moore (8/19/2017)
Why is everyone suddenly rallying for an Obamacare bailout? The answer is simple. The new health law has given rise to an Obamacare-industrial complex. The health system is now like a junkie hooked on federal payments.

Echoes of Vietnam Reverberate in Afghanistan - Georgie Anne Geyer (8/18/2017)
You will be forgiven for being confused about where we are going in Afghanistan. You might also add that you still are not sure why we are there. On top of that, you could admit to not knowing who, in our government or theirs, to believe.

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