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Most recent Opinions
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Nike and Corporate Political Correctness - Brent Bozell (9/11/2018)
It is hard to fathom that there really exists a body of public opinion that supports Nike's decision to make former NFL star Colin Kaepernick the center of its new "Believe in something" advertising campaign.

Judging Kavanaugh - John Stossel (9/10/2018)
Every time one party appoints a judge, the other party acts as if the appointment will fundamentally change America. But the Supreme Court is the most cautious of the three branches of government.

Welcome to the Era of Late Socialism - Peter Suderman (9/9/2018)
As exercises in petty bureaucratic tyranny, socialist policies limit individual choices and force businesses into support roles for social crusades. More importantly, they are pointless at best, and counterproductive at worst.

Eminently Qualified Kavanaugh and Embittered Democrats - Cal Thomas (9/8/2018)
Democrats, who favor a "living Constitution," meaning whatever they think it ought to say, are pitted against "originalists," who believe the document speaks for itself and should be taken as something only slightly less compelling than holy writ.

The Not So Innocent 'Damsel in Distress' - Suzanne Fields (9/7/2018)
The #MeToo movement has taken its toll both on innocent men and on new standards of masculinity. When villainous men were rightly called to account for their sins, other men were made to look rotten, too. Many times they were not.

Mob Rule in America - Marvin J. Folkertsma (9/6/2018)
Although the outrage industry failed to materialize in California Democrats' recent campaign against In-N-Out Burger, it has scored many victories in the past and can look forward to more triumphs in the future.

Fixing the Kangaroo Courts - Rich Lowry (9/5/2018)
A judicial process that doesn't allow the accused to cross-examine his accuser or reliably see the evidence against him is a civil libertarian's nightmare. It traduces every principle of fairness and is blatantly un-American.

The Truth Will Set Us All Free - Victor Davis Hanson (9/4/2018)
Instead of presuming Trump innocent unless he finds evidence of Russian collusion, Mueller started with the assumption that the reckless raconteur Trump surely must be guilty of some lawbreaking. So far...nothing.

Immigrants and Disease - Walter Williams (9/3/2018)
The bottom line is that we Americans have a right to decide who enters our country and under what conditions. If we forgo that right, we cease to be a sovereign nation. But that may not be important to some Americans.

America's Crisis Is Three-Tiered Justice - Ned Ryun (9/2/2018)
Last week brought to the fore a serious problem now threatening to undermine the very foundations of America's constitutional republic: we no longer have equal application of justice under the law. The rule of law has become trifurcated.

Sarah Jeong Better Drive Carefully! - Ann Coulter (9/1/2018)
Worried about the social media monopolies censoring speech? Just be happy they can't put you in prison. It turns out that hating the wrong people is a far graver crime than murder. (And hating the right people gets you a job at the Times!)

Democrats 'Pro-Choice' on Abortion? Not a Chance - The Washington Examiner (8/31/2018)
The phrase "litmus test" doesn't capture the centrality of abortion in today's Democratic Party. It is the sine qua non of being a Democrat. It is the threshold issue for the party. No one comes to the party except through Planned Parenthoo

The Opioid Lawsuit Circus - Betsy McCaughey (8/30/2018)
Money-grabbing politicians looking to cover the whopping costs of the opioid crisis are filing over a thousand lawsuits against the prescription painkiller industry. That's like suing the fast food industry to pay all the societal costs of obesity.

Millennials May Love Socialism, But Socialism Won't Love Them Back - Investor's Business Daily (8/29/2018)
Americans' heavy flirtation with socialism continues, and nowhere is that more evident than in America's youth. For many millennials, socialism appears to be both a viable and desirable replacement for capitalism. It isn't, on any level.

America's Public Education System: The Ultimate Deep State - Mary Rice Hasson (8/28/2018)
As the new school year begins, many parents of children in public schools are deeply concerned, wondering if they should keep their kids in public school or just get out now, escape the Trans Mafia while they can.

The problem with the Left's Attempts to Redefine Racism - Jonah Goldberg (8/27/2018)
The notion that racism is solely about institutionalized white power simply doesn't compute for most Americans. In common parlance, racism means prejudice or bigotry on account of race or skin color. Period.

Doctor Shortages Explode Thanks To ObamaCare - Investor's Business Daily (8/26/2018)
Driving doctors out of the medical profession and exacerbating doctor shortages was not what Obama promised when he started "reforming" health care. But it is what his heavy-handed government interventions are producing.

Who's the Cleanest of Them All - Stephen Moore (8/25/2018)
Take a wild guess what country is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions the most? Canada? Britain? France? India? Germany? Japan? No, no, no, no, no and no. The answer to that question is the U.S. of A. Wow! How can that be?

Don't Subsidize Coal; Just Stop Trying to Kill It Off - The Washington Examiner (8/24/2018)
Where Obama wanted to obliterate coal, Trump's response has often been no better. He has actually proposed bailing out the coal industry, whose chief advantage as a fuel until now had been its economy.

The Double Standards of Postmodern Justice - Victor Davis Hanson (8/23/2018)
What bothers Americans in these divisive times is that our guardians of morality do not offer any principles to explain why some people's lives are harmed or destroyed, and others' lives are not.

Trump's Hollywood Star Must Go — But They Get a Pass? - Larry Elder (8/22/2018)
So, Donald Trump's star on the famous Hollywood walk must go because he has made unfortunate comments and advances. Well then, considering the surrounding stars, they had better have a truckload of pickaxes.

Colorado Goes After Cake Baker ... Again - Thomas Gallatin (8/21/2018)
First it was over a custom cake for a same-sex wedding. Now the Colorado Civil Rights Commission cited Phillips for his refusal to bake a custom cake celebrating a "gender transition."

Social Security Fails - John Stossel (8/20/2018)
Social Security is running out of money. You may not believe that, but it's a fact. That FICA money taken from your paycheck was not saved for you in a "trust fund." Politicians misled us. They spent every penny the moment it came in.

Enough's Enough - Walter Williams (8/19/2018)
What's needed most is to get poor people to change their behavior. Chief among the modifications is reducing female-headed households. The only people who can fix these problems are black people themselves.

The Outrageous Catholic Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse - Nate Jackson (8/18/2018)
In arguably the most heart-wrenching and utterly outrageous story of the #MeToo era, a Pennsylvania grand jury report reveals that 301 "predator priests" across the state sexually abused at least a thousand boys and girls over the last 70 years.

Of Guilt and the Late Confederacy - William Murchison (8/17/2018)
Gone! Forgotten! Except that nothing is ever forgotten, save at the margins of history. We are who we are because of who we have been; we are where we are because of the places we have dwelt and those to which we have journeyed.

From Uncivil Discourse to Civil War? - Mark Alexander (8/16/2018)
The Democrat Party's fastest growing identity-politics constituency has, for the last decade, been coalescing around a theme that is both animating and destructive: Hate.

The Left's 'Identity Politics' Hypocrisy - Tammy Bruce (8/15/2018)
Courtesy of California Sen. Kamala Harris, we now have a bit of a hint of the new approach we can expect by the progressives who now control the Democratic Party — focus on identity politics but don't call it that.

Poor Portland Progressives - George Will (8/14/2018)
They do things differently in Portland, but not because it is a foreign country, although many Americans might wish it were: At this moment, it is one national embarrassment too many.

Elizabeth Warren's Lie - Rich Lowry (8/13/2018)
Elizabeth Warren is branching out. The Massachusetts senator, who has made a career of unfairly maligning bankers and other alleged capitalist malefactors, is now smearing the criminal-justice system, too.

No Group More Evil: White Progressives - Mychal Massie (8/12/2018)
White progressives have done nothing for blacks but keep them angry, unemployed, uneducated, on food stamps, welfare and in public housing.

Global Wildfires Declining - The Altoona Mirror (8/11/2018)
With destructive, deadly wildfires in California making both headlines and dramatic pictures, expect a new round of claims that climate change is to blame. They will, as usual, be misleading.

Gun Control Becomes Speech Control - Jacob Sullum (8/10/2018)
People who care about freedom of speech should be able to recognize that Cody Wilson is trying to exercise it, regardless of how they feel about guns.

The Ash Heap of History Awaits - Chris Talgo (8/9/2018)
An examination of human migration patterns over the past several thousand years demonstrates one fundamental truth: People seek places where they can be free and can pursue prosperity. Socialist countries are, shall we say, never on their lists.

The American Art of Renewal - Victor Davis Hanson (8/8/2018)
Radical turnarounds have been common in U.S. history. As the ancient Athenian historian Thucydides noted, large democracies are by nature volatile, they can mobilize quickly, and they can change on a dime — sometimes in the right direction.

Resisting Progress - Caroline C. Lewis (8/7/2018)
The resistance made its first public appearance at the inauguration. Breaking windows, lighting cars on fire, and striking fear into those who attended the event, #resist certainly made the news. But does violence and vandalism "save democracy"?

Being a Socialist Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry - Ben Shapiro (8/6/2018)
"So, how are you planning to pay for that?" This should be the first question asked about any political program. Unfortunately, it's not. And that's why Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are thought leaders for their parties.

NATO Isn't for Defending Montenegro - Marc A. Thiessen (8/5/2018)
The whole point of NATO is not to defend Montenegro; it is to make sure we never have to defend Montenegro — or Warsaw, or Paris, or London again.

The Battle Over Socialism Is Joined - Rich Lowry (8/4/2018)
It's begun. We are having a debate over socialism. Not over whether it's fair to call Democrats socialists. Not over whether socialism has been good for Venezuela or some other faraway, unfortunate country. But about having it here.

Dems No Longer Believe in Hard Work - Betsy McCaughey (8/3/2018)
Would you rather show up at work on time or stretch out on the sofa and watch TV? Stupid question. Most people punch a clock out of necessity. But progressive Democrats want to make work optional and guarantee a slew of benefits to everyone.

The Seduction of Socialism - Cal Thomas (8/2/2018)
For the current generation, sometimes referred to as millennials, it appears one thing is more seductive than sex — and that's socialism.

Justice Department Weighs in to Protect Free Speech on Campus - Hans von Spakovsky and Christopher Baldacci (8/1/2018)
n the face of Orwellian speech codes on campus — and with the help of advocacy groups like Speech First Inc. — college students have been fighting to defend their First Amendment right to free speech.

Can We Trust Experts? - Walter Williams (7/31/2018)
The point of all this is to say that we can listen to experts but take what they predict with a grain or two of salt.

What Are Democrats Running On? - Laura Hollis (7/30/2018)
Democrats -- once a reliable bastion of support for First Amendment rights -- have largely abandoned them. In place of legislation to protect speech, they now use their political power to silence speech they don't like and compel that which they do.

The Policy of Unintended Consequences - Ben Shapiro (7/29/2018)
This is the problem with government policy in general: It's a blunderbuss. Collateral damage from any broad-based policy is likely to far surpass the damage undergone by individuals in a free market system.

The Senate Protects Our Freedoms - Scott Rasmussen (7/28/2018)
Without the Senate, tyrannical majorities in coastal America could completely ignore the concerns of those who live in the middle of the country. They could pass laws that make sense in New York and California but are completely inappropriate elsewhere.

Liberal War on Work - Stephen Moore (7/27/2018)
Once upon a time, work for welfare was a pretty accepted notion. In 1996, Bill Clinton signed a strict workfare bill that was so popular, it helped him get re-elected. If ever there were a public policy triumph, this was it.

Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism - Kurt Schlichter (7/26/2018)
We are not better than that, and this is who we are. We're fighting back, no matter how much and how shrilly the Fredocons complain. We're Normal Americans and we're done being the guests of honor at the liberals' witch burnings.

Fruits, Nuts, and Democrats - Burt Prelutsky (7/26/2018)
California is Detroit on steroids. It once boasted superior schools, beautiful cities, a very solvent economy, and the best climate in the country. After being run exclusively by Democrats for the past several decades, not so mucjh.

Dems Smear Kavanaugh - Betsy McCaughey (7/25/2018)
Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says Democrats can sink Kavanaugh by showing how his appointment will lead to a court majority that "repeals [the Affordable Care Act] with its protections for pre-existing conditions."

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