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It's Ma'am - Samantha Koch (5/19/2023)
It would be irresponsible and poor business practice to not consider the liability that an owner or manager might be signing up for upon bringing a potentially rabid trans activist onto their team.

A Conspiracy So Immense... - David Strom (5/18/2023)
The legitimacy of our system of government is that we are governed by laws, not men. But it was men who seized the might of the federal government to displace and then neuter the power of an elected President of the United States.

Pentagon Is 'Culling the Herd' of Leaders We So Desperately Need - Mike Berry (5/17/2023)
If we don't correct course soon, we will suffer the same fate as every other once-great military. There are striking parallels between our current circumstances and those faced by the ancient Romans.

Ensuring Fetal Demise - Declan Leary (5/16/2023)
We cannot gloss over the fact that Gosnell's "house of horrors" was allowed to operate virtually unimpeded. The relevant authorities knew exactly what was going on: Kermit Gosnell was killing human children in exchange for payment.

Biden Inc., Not Just a GOP Story - Debra J. Saunders (5/15/2023)
By his own account, Hunter Biden habitually sped down highways under the influence and consumed mountains of crack cocaine without spending a night in jail — very convenient given his father's role in writing draconian federal drug laws.

On Race and Crime, a Counterfactual Narrative - Heather Mac Donald (5/14/2023)
The narrative that blacks are at elevated risk for "existing while black" is true, but not because whites are killing them. Their assailants are other blacks; these black victims are of no interest to race activists and their media and political allies.

Yes, the U.S. Constitution Forbids Racial Discrimination By Government - James D. Agresti (5/13/2023)
During a hearing of the United States Supreme Court, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed that the Constitution doesn't require government to act in a "race-neutral" manner.

Explaining the RESTRICT Act - Emmy Giffin (5/12/2023)
It is always wise to be wary when Republicans and Democrats manage to agree on a bill. This is particularly accurate when discussing the RESTRICT Act put forth by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA).

The Absurd 14th Amendment Option on the Debt - Rich Lowry (5/11/2023)
The fringe idea that it empowers the president to keep borrowing and spending as usual even if the debt limit isn't extended is getting a respectful hearing which it does not deserve.

'Useful Idiots' and the U.S. Navy - Mark Lewis (5/10/2023)
The traditional American military is one of the Left's most reviled enemies. Destroy it. And the best way to do it is fill it full of moral weaklings rather than people who are willing to die to defend American values.

When You Don't Police Crime, Civilians Will - Ben Shapiro (5/9/2023)
The city of New York has decided no longer to prosecute crime. To do so might raise the unpalatable spectacle of racial disparity in crime statistics — and it is apparently more important to preserve the narrative.

The New Ugly Americans - Victor Davis Hanson (5/8/2023)
The woke Left has now weaponized the country's diplomatic missions abroad to advance highly partisan and controversial agendas that can offend their hosts, and do not represent the majority of American voters at home.

The Military's Job Is Simple - Kevin McCullough (5/7/2023)
It may not sound very pretty or happy or woke, but the job of our military is to have the most lethal force in the world. Plain and simple? It should be. But the current administration seems daft and awfully confused about it.

All Hail Greg Abbott, Conqueror of Woke Sanctuary Mayors - Brian Lonergan (5/6/2023)
One of the more frustrating consequences of the radical Left's takeover of America's big cities has been that the elected saboteurs are rarely, if ever, forced to answer for their destructive acts.

Platforms Don't Lie - Cheryl K. Chumley (5/5/2023)
Democrats talk the Communist Party USA talk. Democrats walk the Socialist Party USA walk. Vote Democrat? It's a vote for Communists. The writing is on the wall — and it's not even being hid or denied any longer.

Roosting Chickens - Cal Thomas (5/4/2023)
That loud clucking sound we are hearing from "sanctuary cities" and other cities run by Democrats is the consequence of lax immigration policies coming home to roost.

Why Isn't Joe Biden a Threat to Democracy? - Rich Lowry (5/3/2023)
Biden has shown himself to be a determined enemy of the rule of law and constitutional constraints on the power of the executive branch. This is one of the most consequential aspects of his presidency.

Real Patriots Cut Taxes, Not Raise Them - Stephen Moore (5/2/2023)
On Tax Day this year, about a dozen left-wing millionaires joined with some of the most liberal Democrats in Congress for a press conference. The group argued that it wants to pay more taxes and urged new tax laws with a tax rate as high as 90%.

Fighting Putin for Empire - Andrew P. Napolitano (5/1/2023)
The empire-building debacle of the nearly 20-year American occupation of Afghanistan is a lesson unlearned by the government. This moral monstrosity was executed in the name of retaliation, deterrence and liberation, but in reality, it was hubris.

Biden Bizarrely Claims He's All About Freedom - Tim Graham (4/30/2023)
President Joe Biden launched his reelection campaign with the bizarre notion that he and the Democrats are the guardians of freedom and democracy — and by extension, the Republicans are anti-democratic authoritarians.

Marxian Education - John Stossel (4/29/2023)
For years, intellectuals promised Marx's ideas will work better than capitalism. Instead, socialism perpetuated poverty. Nevertheless, on campuses today, Marx's views thrive. Students often hear them unchallenged.

Uniformed School Resource Officers Aren't the Solution - John R. Lott Jr. (4/28/2023)
If you have an armed officer in a school, don't put him in uniform and make him readily identifiable. Give him a staff position in the school so it won't be obvious that he is the one person with a gun. In fact, make him a teacher -- or teachers.

The Sins of Wokeness - Casey Chalk (4/27/2023)
According to the tenets of woke progressivist dogmatism, there is a hierarchy of victimizers and victims, those most likely to be culpable for woke sins and those most likely to be the object of such transgressions.

Where Is All of America's Ammunition? - Jazz Shaw (4/26/2023)
It's been known for some time now that America's reserve of munitions has been severely depleted by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Our NATO allies in Europe aren't doing much better.

Dylan Mulvaney Controversy Is Much Bigger Than Bud Light - Elizabeth Stauffer (4/25/2023)
Before jumping headlong into the culture war, woke corporations need to understand that consumers have choices, especially when it comes to beer, and there is a price to be paid for jumping on the woke train.

Secrecy Versus Truth - Andrew P. Napolitano (4/24/2023)
The government itself selectively revealing top-secret military data in order to further a lie and selectively lying to Congress about the true state of the war in Ukraine in order to get funds appropriated for more killing.

'Sex Discrimination Is Bad For Business' - Christopher Gable (4/23/2023)
Our challenge as voters is to not be misled by politicians who seek to gain favor with some of us by emphasizing a non-existent wage gap while creating envy between us.

Beyond AI, Our Cyborg Future - Daniel McCarthy (4/22/2023)
Artificial intelligence is proving difficult enough for human beings to control. If biotechnology and AI continue to advance along their current research paths, the living beings that must manage the machines may be designed by them in the first place.

Slavery, the Left, and Truth - Dennis Prager (4/21/2023)
A generation of Americans is being raised on half-truths and lies about the history of slavery in America. They are given the impression that America was uniquely bad and that American slavery was uniquely bad.

Free Speech Needs Muscle - Froma Harrop (4/20/2023)
Officials at Stanford University could learn something from the New York City Police Department about defending free speech while maintaining order.

Executive Aggrandizement vs. Women's Sports - Rich Lowry (4/19/2023)
Decades from now, when scholars are debating how the executive branch jumped the rails of any legislative accountability or rational rules, the new Biden administration Title IX edict should be the prime exhibit.

The Path for Life - Erick Erickson (4/18/2023)
Unfortunately, it seems now the pro-life movement is the dog that caught the car. What should have become a real conversation got shouted down by the press and pro-abortion activists with fear and hysteria.

Mr. Biden's Fascistic EV Edict - David Harsanyi (4/17/2023)
President Joe Biden is set to "transform" and "remake" the entire auto industry — "first with carrots, now with sticks" — notes the Washington Post, as if dictating the output of a major industry is within the governing purview of the executiv

The Biden 10-Step Plan for Global Chaos - Victor Davis Hanson (4/16/2023)
These examples explain well enough why our emboldened enemies do not fear us, our triangulating allies judge us unreliable, and calculating neutrals assume America is in descent and too dangerous to join.

Trump's 'America First' — Our Last Hope - Charles Hurt (4/15/2023)
Sure, Mr. Trump has endured his political setbacks. But that is the burden of being a Party of One. He is willing to talk about things and pursue a popular agenda that threatens and terrifies the entire established political power structure.

Expel Them All - Jude Russo (4/14/2023)
The focus on the justness of the protest and the possible racial animus of the expulsions misses the real point: It makes no sense for members of government to engage in civil disobedience against the government of which they are members.

Splitting the Difference, or Just Splitting? - Cal Thomas (4/13/2023)
Facebook introduced 58 "gender options" and three preferred pronouns which you can select for yourself regardless of whether they conform to biology. If someone says "that's too far" on what will they base their objection?

A 'Transgender Bill of Rights' - Samantha Koch (4/12/2023)
The goal of this bill is to essentially force hard-working, moral Americans to bear the financial burden of a population too psychologically and physically crippled to pursue a healthy existence.

No One Is Above the Law? Give Me a Break - David Harsanyi (4/11/2023)
The contemporary left's utter and growing disdain for any semblance of limiting principles — the kind of abuse that helped Trump win the presidency in the first place — continues to do profound damage to the system.

Religion or Moral Anarchy? - Don Feder (4/10/2023)
What the media call the culture war is about ideas forced on impressionable minds, compelling compliance with the "woke" agenda, and using the law to target one side of the debate and turn dissent into insurrection.

Choosing Barabbas - Paul Kengor (4/9/2023)
Kultursmog: Like smog, it's suffocating, and it pervades our stinky culture. And which person or persons are responsible for fanning it? Like cancelers on Google and Twitter and Facebook, you know not their names.

Taking Easter Seriously - Andrew P. Napolitano (4/8/2023)
America today is dreary, divided and fearful. The government is broke, overbearing and unworthy of belief. It threatens World War III, has produced wild inflation, destroyed happiness and now wants our guns.

Freedom Is Dying - David Strom (4/7/2023)
At some point, we have to quit running and fight back. The only other alternative is to let the Left impose first cultural and then economic Marxism.

Hey, Uncle Sam: Stop Paying People for Not Working - Stephen Moore (4/6/2023)
A policy question these days that has befuddled federal lawmakers is why so many millions of people have not returned to the workplace in the post-COVID-19 era.

And then they came for the Skittles - Jon Miltimore (4/5/2023)
Many parents might be shocked by claims that Skittles is harmful, but they shouldn't be. The war on Skittles is part of a broader effort to control what products consumers can buy.

The Common Defense - Lucas Bernard (4/4/2023)
For most of the colonial period, Britain kept a loose leash on its American colonies. Average civilians had to cut out a life in the wild frontier. This reality created a citizenry accustomed to the rights and responsibilities inherent in autonomy.

Joe Biden Should Terrify You - Brent M. Eastwood (4/3/2023)
If Joe Biden cannot walk a straight line when reviewing troops as he showed in Poland, how is he going to lead troops? This is a fair question for the leader of the free world.

The Inconvenient Gun Deaths - Erick Erickson (4/2/2023)
What you would not know if you just listened to the MSM's ignorant coverage of firearms is that more kids died from gun violence in 2021 due to street violence, usually from gangs, than from all school shootings combined from Columbine to now.

Left-Wing Violence Chic - Victor Davis Hanson (4/1/2023)
For the radical Left, ideology exempts its political violence. The result for everyone else is an open-season and the end of deterrence - and frightening days ahead.

A Nation Committing Suicide - Star Parker (3/31/2023)
The devaluing of marriage, children and patriotism, and the focus on "self-fulfillment" and money are signs of a culture sunk into egotism and materialism.

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