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In 2021, Politics Needs a 'Leave Us Alone' Coalition - Steven Greenhut (1/13/2021)
As America's political and cultural disputes become akin to tribal warfare, it's easy to forget about the solution that was embedded in our Constitution—a document that both sides at least pretend to still care about.

The Presumption of Liberty - Andrew P. Napolitano (1/12/2021)
When government interferes with natural rights outside of due process, it fails its obligation to uphold the Constitution. And when governors and mayors use the power of the state to interfere with those rights, they explicitly violate federal law.

Better Understanding the 'Good German' - Dennis Prager (1/11/2021)
The ease with which tens of millions of Americans have accepted irrational, unconstitutional and unprecedented police state-type restrictions on their freedoms, including even the freedom to make a living, has been, to understate the case, sobering.

'Canceling' Humanity Itself - Arnold Ahlert (1/10/2021)
While Americans remain focused on the 1.8 million worldwide deaths caused by Covid-19 in 2020, they pale in comparison to the leading cause of death last year: A record-setting 42.7 million preborn babies aborted.

Democrats Set 117th Congress Stage for Godlessness - Cheryl Chumley (1/9/2021)
Take out the Judeo-Christian faith from America's founding, and you take out the idea that rights come from God, not government. You remove the foundation upon which America was built — upon which American Exceptionalism is based.

Our Constitution Passed a Difficult Stress Test - Alan Dershowitz (1/8/2021)
On Wednesday our Constitution was tested. For the first time in modern history, violent protesters breached the Capitol building and entered the chambers and the offices of members of Congress, endangering lives and destroying property.

Vote-Integrity Legislation a Must for 2021 - Laura Hollis (1/7/2021)
The execution of the 2020 election are nothing short of shameful. We are in a bad place. Half the country does not believe -- and will probably never believe -- that Joe Biden was elected president of the United States.

Congress Has Officially Gone Gender Crazy - Michael Brown (1/6/2021)
Who said being PC had anything to do with truth or reality? To the contrary, it is quite often based on the denial of reality, or, in this case, complete ignorance of a common word.

How exactly is Biden a 'centrist'? - Cal Thomas (1/5/2021)
Most people understand policies associated with liberals and conservatives, but what does it mean to be in the center? No one seems to have adequately defined the word in ways that make sense.

Here Come the Leftie Judges - Doug Bandow (1/4/2021)
No one benefits from today's judicial wars. The ultimate solution would be to reduce the role of judges by returning them to the more limited role of interpreting rather than making the law.

The Warped Morality of Liberalism - George Neumayr (1/3/2021)
Liberals pour scorn on the now-unfavored figures of the past, whose blemishes pale in comparison to those of progressive icons — proof not of liberalism's superior morality but of its endless appetite for ideological purges.

The Coming Totalitarianism - Arnold Ahlert (1/2/2021)
While ordinary Americans yearn for a "return to normal," our would-be globalist overlords are determined to make sure that never happens. The Great Reset and its utterly despicable enablers demand nothing less.

Marxist "Critical Race Theory" Seeps Into U.S. Courts - Hans von Spakovsky (1/1/2021)
Critical Race Theory—a Marxist framework that views society only through the lens of race-based oppression—is everywhere these days. In corporations, federal agencies, schools, and even the military. Now it's coming to the courts.

The Abominable 'America Last' Porkulus - Michelle Malkin (12/31/2020)
This country is not governed by a "Republican Party" and a "Democratic Party." It is governed by an establishment "uniparty" that betrays our citizens at every turn.

New York's Andrew Cuomo: Bigoted White Commie - Mychal Massie (12/30/2020)
There's no demographic of people more bigoted and prejudiced than white liberals. To that I add, chief among them is Andrew Cuomo, Democratic governor of the morally bankrupt and near defunct state of New York.

Congress Needs to Curb Presidential Power - George Will (12/29/2020)
Presidents make war without congressional involvement. They declare "emergencies," with Congress's permission, "repurposing" money for projects Congress did not authorize.

Worthless Heirs - John C. Goodman (12/28/2020)
There is one thing economists are virtually unanimous about. The single greatest anti-poverty program ever invented—the thing that helps the most people for the longest period of time—is economic growth.

The Senate: Throw Them (Almost) All Out - Roger L. Simon (12/27/2020)
The only decent people in this country are those who are labeled "deplorables." They are the only ones who really stand against the uniparty, of which this bill is a quintessential product, other than "The Squad," who are reactionary crackpots.

Can Democracy Hold Us Together? - Pat Buchanan (12/26/2020)
If America were a company and not a country, we would have long ago dissolved the corporation, split the blanket, and gone our separate ways. What still holds this disputatious and divided people together?

No, Joe, We're Not in a 'Climate Crisis' - Rich Lowry (12/25/2020)
Former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel's famous axiom is that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. It's an even worse thing to manufacture. Although President-elect Joe Biden obviously disagrees.

Congressional Unity on Spending Blowout - Nate Jackson (12/24/2020)
Government is spending your money to fix what government broke. "Stay at home," bureaucrats say. "But here's more money to spend when you go out...And here's some money for the businesses we closed." Your elected representatives at work.

Leftists Hijacking Vaccination Rollout - Betsy McCaughey (12/23/2020)
You were warned about this first in July. Now, it's happening. On Sunday, the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended that seniors ages 65 to 74 be moved toward the back of the line for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The American Left Has Now Fully Embraced Racism - David Marcus (12/22/2020)
There is no more important fight for conservatives today than battling the racism of the American left. And as is often the case with effective battle plans this one is quite simple.

Wanted: An Honest Debate About the Death Penalty - David Harsanyi (12/21/2020)
Reporters nearly always glide past the horrifying specifics, spending inordinate amounts of space presenting the case of anti-death penalty advocates, who often dishonestly paint these men as victims.

The forgotten lessons of Stalinism - Richard Lim (12/20/2020)
Historians continually debate just how many deaths Stalin was responsible for. Even a prominent former Soviet and Russian official estimates that Stalin's victims, whether through famine, purge, or deportation, number around 20 million.

Corporate Culture Wars - Elisha Krauss (12/19/2020)
Remember when football used to just be about football? Football used to be the ultimate unifier… Yet it's now the opposite – no longer just about the sport, football has become divisively political.

How China Has Infiltrated the U.S. - Steve Postal (12/18/2020)
So how bad is the CCP's infiltration into our country? Pretty bad. But in some ways, there is hope if we dedicate ourselves to fighting back.

Don't Fall for the 'Socially Responsible' Investment Con - John Stossel (12/17/2020)
he ugly truth is that most so-called responsible investment funds charge more to sell feel-good nonsense that accomplishes nothing.

Biden's Discriminatory Admin Picks - Steve Salerno (12/16/2020)
America is one month out from inaugurating an administration that, in the name of equity, has committed to discrimination as a foundational principle. And Mr. Biden gives every indication of unapologetically embracing discrimination as a modus vivendi.

Techno-Fascism Strikes Again - Adriana Cohen (12/15/2020)
We're living in an era of techno-fascism, where ultra-powerful liberal elites at Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and other digital platforms are acting as modern-day book burners.

The Glory of Trump's Judges - Rich Lowry (12/14/2020)
One of Mr. Trump's foremost achievements has been to erect a formidable obstacle to his own post-election legal challenges. The federal judiciary, now seeded throughout with "his" judges, has given the back of its hand to pro-Trump election litigation

5 Reasons Why More Stimulus Checks Aren't the Answer - Adam Michel and Rachel Greszler  (12/13/2020)
Sending another round of so-called stimulus checks would be ineffective and wasteful. Instead, policymakers should reduce barriers to income opportunities and make it easier for individuals to earn their own paychecks.

The Racist Agenda Behind Anti-Race Training - Arnold Ahlert (12/12/2020)
Perhaps the rarest commodity in the nation today is courage. Decent Americans of all races are being cowed into silence by some of the most contemptible people on the planet who insist any deviation from their worldview is racist.

We Are a Frightened (and Heavily Armed) Nation - Diane Dimond (12/11/2020)
What do Americans do in these uncertain times? We buy guns. Millions and millions of guns. This year's shopping spree has been a record-breaker. Of course, it is every American's constitutionally protected right to own a firearm for defense.

Mandatory Voting Is Authoritarian - David Harsanyi (12/10/2020)
More Americans voted in 2020 than ever before even though the winner, Joe Biden, was rarely impelled to answer a substantive question on policy or even to show himself in public. 2020 might have featured the most vacuous campaigns in American history.

There's No Stopping America's Political Realignment - Josh Hammer (12/9/2020)
Today, it is the Democratic Party that disproportionately comprises and represents the college-educated elite — purveyors of the addlebrained "woke" catechism, dispensers of redistributionist noblesse oblige. The ordinary stiff? Look to the GOP.

Better Than Charity - John Stossel (12/8/2020)
Before the War on Poverty began, Americans had been steadily lifting themselves out of poverty. Year by year, the number of families in poverty decreased. Then welfare began, and for about seven years, progress continued.

Bring Back The Constitution - Betsy McCaughey (12/7/2020)
Listen up, governors. The Constitution guarantees that Americans in every state will live under representative self-government. Not under a despot.

Biden's Immigration Radicalism - Rich Lowry (12/6/2020)
The new Democratic Party bristles with contempt for borders and the agents who police them, and its attitude will color everything Biden does.

Leftmedia Uses COVID to Justify Authoritarianism - Thomas Gallatin (12/5/2020)
By stoking illogical fear over the novel disease, Leftmedia outlets, working on behalf of the Democrat Party, have been able to convince millions of Americans to willingly surrender their rights to authoritarians.

The Propaganda of Despair - Laura Hollis (12/4/2020)
What the Democratic Party pitches as compassion for minorities and the poor is nothing but forced dependence, and now Democrats are seeking to expand their targets.

Why the Fight Over the 9th Justice Was So Crucial - Hans von Spakovsky (12/3/2020)
Our increasingly nasty judicial nomination fights are due to the very anti-democratic view of the left that the courts are the way to get around their inability to implement their economic, social, and cultural policies through the legislative process.

Discrimination and Prejudice - Walter Williams (12/2/2020)
Is there a moral dimension to discrimination and prejudice? Should one be indifferent about whether he attends Temple University or George Mason University and thus makes his decision by flipping a coin?

No Time for Phony Healing - Michelle Malkin (12/1/2020)
This is the time for hell-raising, not healing. Every legal vote must be counted, every illegal vote thrown out, every lawsuit heard. Anything less amounts to exactly the kind of "coup" of which Trump was so frequently accused.

Biden's Plan on Immigration - Byron York (11/30/2020)
Republicans believe, with good reason, that Biden's arrival in the White House will likely lead to a "surge" of people trying to cross illegally into the United States. The countdown is on.

Have a Historically Accurate Thanksgiving! - Ann Coulter (11/29/2020)
Real Americans honor Indians and also honor the courageous European settlers who brought Christian civilization to a continent, a miraculous union that we celebrate on this wonderful holiday.

A Historic Presidency - Pat Buchanan (11/28/2020)
Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis may call for the ash-canning of the phrase "America First." He will fail. For, as both national motto and national policy, the slogan has put down roots in American soil.

The Coming Anti-COVID Restriction Backlash - Rich Lowry (11/27/2020)
The backlash is coming. It already seems clear that the first major political and culture eruption of the Biden years will be a roiling populist backlash against the next round of COVID restrictions.

Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Idiotic and Immoral - Josh Hammer (11/26/2020)
As currently structured and carried out, higher education is a blight upon the nation — an affirmative hindrance to our efforts in aiding human flourishing and securing the common good.

The Electoral College, Now More Than Ever - David Harsanyi (11/25/2020)
The fact that the Electoral College doesn't align with the "popular vote" isn't alarming, it is the point. If the Electoral College synchronized with the outcome of the direct national vote tally every election, it wouldn't need to exist.

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