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Why Should States That Protect Illegal Immigrants Be Rewarded? - Hans von Spakovsky (6/14/2018)
Alabama has filed an unprecedented but little-noticed lawsuit against the U.S. Census Bureau. If the state wins, it could have major political ramifications and restore fundamental fairness in political representation in Congress.

The Gay Rimes Roll, But the Supremes Stop the Music - Wesley Pruden (6/13/2018)
The Supreme Court can sometimes twist itself into a pretzel to write law. The court on Monday upheld again the Constitutional principle that freedom of speech includes the right not to speak, but it all but apologized for saying so.

Let's End Official White House Visits for Sports Champions - Scott Rasmussen (6/12/2018)
The president's job is to lead the government, not bestow royal blessings on successful citizens or offer a running commentary on every fad in the news cycle.

A Note to Readers: Farewell - Charles Krauthammer (6/11/2018)
I have been uncharacteristically silent these past 10 months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I'm afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me.

Legal Plunder as Law Enforcement - Robin Smith (6/10/2018)
There's a real possibility your life may be impacted by the issue of civil asset forfeiture. Regardless, it's an issue that emphatically demonstrates the metastasizing cancer of bureaucratic government.

Delusions of Diversity - Everett Piper (6/9/2018)
Delusion reigns in the mind of Lord Diversity and his minions. He demands tolerance while declaring he will not tolerate the intolerant. He requires openness of mind but closes his mind to all who disagree.

Danger of Authoritarianism May Come From the Center, Not the Right - Michael Barone (6/8/2018)
Centrists' warnings against the authoritarianism of the extremes look like a case of projection — attributing your own shortcomings to others. So if you're worried about extremists' authoritarianism, keep an eye on the centrists, too.

Free to be a Socialist - Walter Williams (6/7/2018)
As Dr. Thomas Sowell says, "socialism sounds great. It has always sounded great. And it will probably always continue to sound great. It is only when you go beyond rhetoric that socialism turns dark and ugly.

Your Father's Republican Party Has Vanished. His Democratic Party Has, Too - Jeff Jacoby (6/6/2018)
Bill Clinton is still popular with Democrats. But in a party that has shifted sharply leftward, there's little room for the centrist positions he upheld as president.

The Carnivores of Civil Liberties - Victor Davis Hanson (6/5/2018)
Liberalism rode high during the Watergate era. It had demanded that civil liberties be protected from the illegal or unconstitutional overreach of the Nixon-era FBI, CIA and other agencies. All those legacies are now eroding.

Moral Relativism Has Caused a Violent Society and How to Turn the Tide - Caroline C. Lewis (6/4/2018)
Some say that one of our core societal problems is gun violence. Yet, violence is not the problem, but rather, the consequence of the problem.

Fourth Amendment: Supremes Get One Right ... Or Do They? - John J. Bastiat (6/3/2018)
Why does following the Constitution matter? The answer to this question ultimately boils down to the choice of living in a society where the rules apply evenhandedly to all (Rule of Law) or one where the rules are either nonexistent or a moving target.

Sabotaging Immigration Enforcement? - Matthew Vadum (6/2/2018)
The Left is promoting a new smartphone app called "Notifica" that helps illegal aliens to continue violating America's immigration laws and allows them to keep their lawbreaking colleagues out of the hands of ICE officials trying to do their jobs.

President Trump Discovers A Decades-Old Budget-Cutting Tool - Donald Lambro (6/1/2018)
President Trump has found a rarely used legislative tool, one that hasn't been employed in nearly 20 years, to cut $15.4 billion in wasteful, needless federal spending. Go team!

The Best Way to Tell If Someone Is a Conservative - George Will (5/31/2018)
No elaborate catechism is required to determine if someone is a conservative. A single question, as simple as it is infallible, suffices: For whom would you have voted in the presidential election of 1912?

The Doomsday Scenario: What If School Walkouts Don't Work? - Ann Coulter (5/30/2018)
Despite its having been done so often elsewhere, it seems like it's been awhile since we've heard of a crazed gunman being quickly disarmed at a school. Maybe because we've been trying to stop mass shootings with gun-free school zones.

The Confederate Gift to the Nation - Wesley Pruden (5/29/2018)
Memorial Day is done and gone, and millions of Americans probably still don't know what it's supposed to be all about, beyond a picnic with hot dogs and six-packs in the park.

Remembering the Cost of a Free and Undivided Republic - Jackie Gingrich Cushman (5/28/2018)
For many, Memorial Day equates to barbecues, sales and pool openings; but it means more than that. It's the day to remember those who gave their lives to keep our country safe and free.

The GOP's fear factor - Cal Thomas (5/27/2018)
Republicans need to stop fearing the fear factor and start winning arguments. They can start by asking Americans if they want their money to continue to be spent on failed and unnecessary programs.

BSA Scouts Out New Condom Policy - Tony Perkins (5/26/2018)
What kind of fire is the Boy Scouts teaching kids to start? Angry parents want to know now that the organization is making condoms an official part of its World Jamboree. What next in Scouting's race into the abyss?

Crapweasel of the Week: Educrat Arne Duncan - Michelle Malkin (5/25/2018)
Beltway education bureaucrats abhor families who choose to keep their kids out of public schools — unless it's to grandstand over gun control.

Can a Pope Change Moral Truth? - Pat Buchanan (5/24/2018)
On the issue of homosexuality, have we ascended to a higher moral plateau? Or has America jettisoned the truths we believed and replaced them with the tenets of an ideology that may be politically convenient but rooted in nothing but baseless assertions?

Mueller v. Trump - Theodore B. Olson (5/23/2018)
Can special counsel Robert Mueller require President Trump to testify before a grand jury? It would be unprecedented, and his effort to do so could lead to a major constitutional confrontation.

Dispelling Claims by Farm Subsidy Proponents - Daren Bakst (5/22/2018)
Conservatives believe in markets, freedom, and individual liberty. They oppose central planning and crushing regulatory burdens. Basically, they believe in everything that the out-of-control farm-handout system isn't.

It's Now 1984 at the University of Michigan - Hans von Spakovsky (5/21/2018)
Students at the University of Michigan, beware. If you say anything politically incorrect or out-of-line with the political and social orthodoxy on your campus, you may get a knock on your dorm room door from the Thought Police.

Free Markets, Free People - Caroline C. Lewis  (5/20/2018)
Our culture increasingly characterizes capitalism as a form of oppression and exploitation. It turns out that the exact opposite is true. Free markets allow people to flourish, while controlled markets coerce people into being a machine of the government.

Compromise in Transgender Debate Demands Rejection of Reality - Louis DeBroux (5/19/2018)
By its very nature, truth exists independent of our beliefs, opinions, prejudices and superstitions. It does not bend to our will and is not subject to a majority vote. We may reject truth, we may rage against it, but truth remains, unfazed.

'Authoritarians' of All Sorts - William Murchison (5/18/2018)
Is it too much to say that the real authoritarian threat to civic peace and good government comes not from the Oval Office but from the Grecian temple where the United States Supreme Court regularly gathers?

Draining the Food Stamp Swamp - Star Parker (5/17/2018)
Like so many government anti-poverty programs, what is directed in the spirit of compassion, to provide temporary assistance to those who have fallen on hard times, transforms into a way of life.

Dear Dems: Stop Attacking the Electoral College - Lewis Morris (5/16/2018)
The Electoral College was designed to make the presidential election a truly national contest. It forces candidates to recognize all regions and not ignore small states and rural areas in favor of large states and major metropolitan areas.

Truman May Have Been the Proto-Trump - Victor Davis Hanson (5/15/2018)
It took a half-century for historians to concede that the feisty Truman had solid accomplishments, especially in foreign affairs. Even his vulgarity was eventually appreciated as integral to the image of "Give 'Em Hell" Harry.

Death by Conformity - Erick Erickson (5/14/2018)
The Boy Scouts of America has always been a pretty explicitly faith-based organization. The assault on the scouts took a while to get up to speed, but as the cultural wildfires began to burn across America, scouts were in danger of getting burned, too.

Speech, Art, and the Masterpiece Cakeshop - Lewis Waha (5/13/2018)
The culture wars will flare up again when the Supreme Court soon decides whether Colorado baker Jack Phillips may refuse to bake cakes for same-sex weddings. As serious as discrimination is, compelled speech is also a weighty harm.

What Would a Progressive America Look Like? - Laura Hollis (5/12/2018)
At the local, state, and federal level, there is ample evidence to demonstrate that progressive policies crush civil liberties rather than protecting them, leave the most vulnerable among us victimized.

Before and After Welfare Handouts - Walter Williams (5/11/2018)
Before the welfare state, charity embodied both a sense of gratitude on the behalf of the recipient and magnanimity on the behalves of donors. There was a sense of civility by the recipients. They did not feel that they were owed.

Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers - Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) (5/10/2018)
For some time now, Congress has abdicated its responsibility to declare war. The status quo is that we are at war anywhere and anytime the president says so.

Destroying America, One Miseducated Student After Another - Arnold Ahlert (5/9/2018)
The Democrat Party and its unionist education allies, "socialists or self-described socialists" as Hillary Clinton describes them, endeavor to put America on a path to self-destruction reminiscent of Venzuela.

Fantasyland Economics - Brian Riedl (5/8/2018)
Expecting the government that brought us the DMV, Post Office, and an unusable Obamacare website to operate competently a jobs program for more than 20 million workers is fantasyland economics.

War and the Separation of Powers - Andrew Napolitano (5/7/2018)
Can the president legally use military force to attack a foreign land without a serious threat or legal obligation or a declaration of war from Congress? In a word: No.

Cultural-Appropriation Outrage Shows People Are Desperate to Be Offended - Jonah Goldberg (5/6/2018)
You've got to hand it China. It has something we're sorely missing today: civilizational confidence. Exhibit A: The Chinese think we're idiots when it comes to the absurd panic over "cultural appropriation."

Is Ethanol Cronyism [Finally] on the Ropes? - Veronique de Rugy (5/5/2018)
Mere failure to accomplish legislative goals isn't why the RFS is under scrutiny today. Most government programs share that inglorious distinction.

Cecile Richards' Legacy in Planned Parenthood's Cult of Death - Brian Mark Weber (5/4/2018)
The real and ruthless mission of Planned Parenthood has been exposed, and it's long past time to cut off public funding of this brutal butchery.

Liberate America From Public Schools - Terence Jeffrey (5/3/2018)
States should take every penny they now spend on the public schools and give it to parents in the form of a voucher that carries just one requirement: Educate your child where you see fit.

Democrats' Universal Job Plan Would Be a Socialist Disaster - David Harsanyi (5/2/2018)
This is exactly what left-leaning economists who obsess about inequality and push zero-sum fantasies about wealth and growth want. It's why they wanted the federal government to control the structure of the health care system.

Comey, Mueller and the Poisonous Tree - Mark Penn (5/1/2018)
It is a strange and curious America that fêtes a former FBI director who was fired from his job after exceeding his authority in ways that two presidential campaigns condemned, and who then leaked confidential memos about a president he clearly desp

'Common-Sense Gun Control' Isn't So Simple - Lindsay Marchello (4/30/2018)
Just putting "common-sense" in front of something doesn't make it right. Rhetorically, it may sound good – when you frame the argument as saving lives by restricting access to dangerous weapons, how could anyone be against it?

Hey Bernie: Run on That Platform! - Cal Thomas (4/29/2018)
What is it about socialism that remains so attractive to many liberals? In most communist countries, it is a form of mutually-shared poverty. At a minimum it starves incentive. But Bernie knows it sells to brainwashed Millennials.

Educational Fraud Continues - Walter Williams (4/28/2018)
Colleges are admitting youngsters who have not mastered what used to be considered a ninth-grade level of academic achievement. Very often, when they graduate from college, they still can't master even a 12th-grade level of academic proficiency.

Everyone Should Agree: Aliens Who Commit Crimes Shouldn't Be in This Country - Hans von Spakovsky (4/27/2018)
The Trump administration's efforts to get convicted criminal aliens off of our streets and out of the country was dealt a setback last week, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whatever the Left Touches it Ruins - Dennis Prager (4/26/2018)
The only way to save Western civilization is to convince more people that leftism -- not liberalism -- is a nihilistic force. Quite literally, whatever the left touches it ruins.

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