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Most recent Editorials
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Putting Things In Perspective (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (9/12/2006)
In the distant past, with little knowledge of what made things tick, mankind was in awe of the natural universe and easily accepted the reality of God. Today, well, we think we're above such beliefs. Take a moment to contemplate ...

Arlen Specter Versus the Framers (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (7/29/2003)
Sorry Arlen. The purpose of a constitution is to avoid the "consensus" of the day, and to establish a norm for governance -- a rule of law that is predictable, responsive, but that is not subject to arbitrary or thoughtless change.

American Pride (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (5/27/2003)
Just as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, he is paying the price for our freedom. Beardless or not, he is not a boy. He is the American fighting man who has kept this country free for over two-hundred years.

Buying off Victims, Selling out the Future (Editorial) (9/8/2002)
God help the United States if this war truly comes home to us. The precedent set with the Victims' Compensation Fund could wipe out what remains of our economy and finish the job that no terrorist group could possibly hope to do on its own.

Life Science 101 (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (8/25/2002)
A human embryo is incapable, regardless of outside forces applied, of becoming a petunia, a fish or a cockroach (notwithstanding the cultural resemblance of the latter to some humans).

Advise ... and Dissent (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (8/4/2002)
The Constitution specifies that the President shall have the "advice and consent" of the Senate in the appointment of ambassadors, judges and other executive officers. Does that mean that one senator has the power to block the work of the nation?

Fightin' Words From The Left (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (7/2/2002)
The Constitution wisely limits treason to making war on the United States, or adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Looking at the remarks made by this American leftist, how can we avoid the inevitable conclusion?

Chuck Schumer's New Deal (Commentary) - by The Colonel (12/13/2001)
According to Senator Chuck, the era of constrained government founded by President Reagan is, at long last, over. If you never really believed Bill Clinton was constrained, in Chuck's view he was a pussycat ... just wait.

Military Tribunals Beat the Alternatives (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily ()
According to Justice Robert Jackson or Nuremberg fame, "the Constitution is not a suicide pact". Secret military tribunals for foreign terrorists understandably make us uncomfortable, but will minimize the threat from a still-active enemy.

Huffington Misses the Point (Editorial) (9/27/2001)
When columnist Arianna Huffington comes out swinging in defense of ABC's Bill Maher -- lambasted for a tasteless remark as host of "Politically Incorrect" -- she misses the fact that the pulling of ads from the show also constitutes free speech.

Who Authorized Your Marriage? (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (9/11/2001)
What right does the government have to define the bond between you and your spouse? In the opinion of one columnist, anything approximating "love, honor and obey" is tantamount to slavery and should constitute an illegal relationship.

H.R. 1455 A Return To Common Sense (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (5/8/2001)
The 'Lautenberg Amendment', passed in 1996 to the glee of Clinton, Sarah Brady and feminists everywhere, trampled both states' rights and the concept of due process inherent in the American system. H.R. 1455 would rid us of this evil.

Ronald Reagan on Relations With Red China (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (4/26/2001)
Ronald Reagan, when confronted with the same threats from Red China we've been seeing lately, realized immediately how the Communist leaders saw the U.S., as well as how much we could trust their word. He urged backbone in place of compromise.

The People Clinton Didn't Have To Pardon (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (4/14/2001)
Can it be coincidence that so many people met with violent or suicidal deaths in the Clinton orbit? Now that he's a private citizen, we should end all the conjecture and start a proper federal investigation. He deserves it, and we deserve it.

When Is Enough Enough? (Commentary) - by The Colonel (2/4/2001)
In another example of school policy run amock, an 8-year old boy is suspended for pointing and shooting a chicken finger. But it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

John Ashcroft's Bob Jones Speech (Commentary) (2/1/2001)
True to their convictions that the First Amendment outlaws religious commitment of any sort in a public official, liberals somehow found dark meanings in Senator Ashcroft's speech at Bob Jones University. See if you can find the threat.

Dubya's New Year's Resolutions (Editorial) (1/2/2001)
After eight years in which the booming economy overshadowed the trashing of the American presidency, George W. Bush faces the big challenge of restoring the House That Washington Built.

"I Had No Idea": Parents Cop-Out (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (12/21/2000)
Day after day we see problems with kids whose parents just don't seem to be there as quickly, as often, or as much as they should.

Birds of a Feather: Gore as Propagandist (Editorial) - by The Colonel (12/5/2000)
Gore's handling of his "Make every vote count!" spin campaign is a testament to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Now if we could just get the press to ask the pointed questions.

The Lawyers' Coup (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (11/21/2000)
You think a coup d'etat only involves bullets and bombs? Keep watching -- you may see one happen over attaché cases and pin stripes.

Still the Home of the Brave? (Quip) - by Thelen Paulk (attributed) (11/19/2000)
A poetic warning that our freedom has quietly escaped us, circulated through the e-mails and attributed to the named author. Moving. True.

Spending Your Freedom (Editorial) - by The Perfessor (11/7/2000)
Americans seem to think more than ever that government spending on their behalf derives from someone else's wallet. Sorry, but there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

No Time Left To Be Undecided (Commentary) - by The Colonel ()
Given our domestic divisiveness and the threatening situation elsewhere in the world, you cannot afford to be undecided in who will be the next leader of the Free World.

Whose Supporters Will Define America? (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (10/29/2000)
If you're having trouble making up your mind where the two major presidential candidates stand ideologically, look no further than who is supporting them.

Be Wary Of 'Nation-Building' (Commentary) - by The Colonel (10/15/2000)
Building a new nation from the residue of the existing or from nothing can be peaceful, or messy as America's was. Either way, it is not a proper mission for the U.S. military.

Debating Empty Promises (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (10/11/2000)
After two centuries learning that campaign promises are just hot air, why haven't we demanded that our presidential candidates talk to us about principle instead?

King Solomon on Personal Responsibility (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (9/11/2000)
If you thought personal accountability only entered human discourse with the Contract for America or some other conservative vehicle, you were off by three thousand years.

Vague Facts Cloud Gun Debate (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (9/10/2000)
As so often happens in today's social dialectic, the Violence Policy Center has presented its 'Gunland USA' study without the perspectives that might properly frame the results.

How To Be A Good Liberal -- A Primer (Quip) (9/7/2000)
Anyone can vote for Al Gore and thereby label themselves a Liberal. But to be a really good Liberal, you must invest your beliefs in some heavy-duty hypocrisy.

Will Bush Trade Choreography for Leadership? (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (8/4/2000)
The Clinton-Gore team has made an art-form out of choreographing political correctness in its photo-ops and management decisions. Bush wants to lead. Is he willing to lead us out of this silliness?

Life According To Bill Gates (Quip) (7/8/2000)
These excerpts attributed to a speech by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates offer his personal insight into the realities of life. Maybe this is why Washington doesn't like him .. and perhaps we should (software crashes aside, of course!)

America: The Good Neighbor (Editorial) (4/15/2000)
Maybe we don't take time out from our daily travails to think of everything America does right in the world. But here's the opinion of a Canadian neighbor.

Who Will Speak For You? (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (3/13/2000)
Always a tough issue when so much money and influence is involved, campaign finance issues will not be resolved easily without destroying our control over government along the way.

Challenging the Definition of Equality (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (2/8/2000)
The litmus test of our understanding of American freedom versus it's oppressive counterpart, socialism, is our perception of the meaning of equality in a free society.

The War Over A Battle Flag (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (1/25/2000)
Should the citizens of South Carolina be constrained by activists' definition of who might be offended, or by constitutional right? If the former, then here's what offends us.

A Victim's Plea For Sanity (Editorial) (1/11/2000)
In his testimony before Congress, Darrell Scott, father of one of the Columbine victims, put his finger directly on what's missing in our society.

The Military -- Then And Now (Quip) - Investor's Business Daily (1/9/2000)
A look at how our military has changed. May or may not be tongue-in-cheek. You decide.

Equal Representation -- Just A Dream? (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (1/6/2000)
The concept of every citizen having an equal voice in government is laughable. If you can afford a large campaign contribution, or a legal onslaught, then speak up. Otherwise sit still and be quiet.

Our American of the Century (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (1/1/2000)
Great generals and statesmen won two world wars; captains of industry enhanced our material life. But one man defeated seventy years of world-wide oppression, all but ending the threat of global thermonuclear war.

Faith: The Foundation Of Freedom (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (12/27/1999)
You don't need to be a fundamentalist to understand that a simple but tightly held faith in Someone greater than yourself is a necessary underpinning to a free society. See if you don't agree.

Vermont Decision Avoids Crucial Issues (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (12/27/1999)
In its decision in favor of same-sex marriages, the Vermont Supreme Court sidestepped the main moral and constitutional issues in this hot debate.

Truant Parents (Commentary) - Investor's Business Daily (12/11/1999)
When kids repeatedly fail to turn up at school, it's time to do something. Detroit took a stand.

Affirmative Action -- Justice For Whom? (Editorial) - Investor's Business Daily (11/21/1999)
Does the government's Affirmative Action program create fairness, or simply trade one injustice for another? You be the judge.

Common Sense Bill of Rights (Quip) - Investor's Business Daily (11/5/1999)
Even if you've never been able to connect with the real McCoy, this Bill of Rights will be as obvious as your nose!

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