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Tax Freedom Day

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Monday, April 21, 2014 - Tax Freedom Day!;  Patriots Day
Earth Daze - John Stossel
The media hype is not new. Alarmists always fool the gullible.

Equality in Discipline - Walter Williams
Coming to a school near you: discipline by the numbers instead of by guilt.

General Sam Houston, later president of TexasToday in History:  Texans Victorious At San Jacinto (1836) ... Maryland Passes Toleration Act (1649) ... Red Baron Shot Down by Aussies (1918) ... Birth of Queen Elizabeth II (1926)

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Issues In Depth
Cops or Soldiers? - The Economist
America's police have become too militarised.

     ... More In-Depth

The Legacy of Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt - Michelle Malkin
Our immigration enforcement and welfare systems are a demonstrable joke.

What If the Government Guaranteed You an Income? - In Opposition David R. Wheeler
And the money is coming from where? Certainly not from taxing non-workers.

The Troubling Legacies of Racism and Crony Capitalism - Scott Rasmussen
Wealthy planters profiting from slavery permanently corrupted politics.

Thought Police On Patrol - Charles Krauthammer
Is the Left's intolerance proto-totalitarianism?

The New "Demon" On The Right - Kathleen Parker
Democrats try to make the Koch brothers the new face of the GOP.

The New Inquisition - Victor Davis Hanson
Disagreeing with the received wisdom of the left is now blasphemous.

Time For a Balanced Budget Amendment? - George Will
A stronger Constitution would limit the U.S's spending habit.

The '77 Cents on the Dollar' Myth About Women's Pay - Mark J. Perry and Andrew G. Biggs
Once key variables are considered, the gender wage gap all but disappears.

Dems' Voter-Fraud Denial - John Fund
How do you address a problem they insist doesn't exist?

     ... More Op-Ed
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Ronald Reagan"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is responsible for his actions." - Ronald Reagan

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