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Saturday, July 30, 2016
Philadelphia Vs. Cleveland: Divided We stand - Pat Buchanan
The clash of visions between the two nominating conventions is stark.

Black Votes Matter - Thomas Sowell
Unfortunately, "racial healing" would reduce black voter turnout, so...

Today in History:  First Representative Assembly Meets (1619) ... Birth of Henry Ford (1863) ... WAVES Founded (1942) ... USS Indianapolis Torpedoed (1945) ... LBJ Signs Medicare Bill (1965) ... Jimmy Hoffa Disappears (1975)

     ... More Headlines

Democratic Platform: Killing the Unborn Is Fine With Us - Ken Blackwell
The party of Hillary has taken the most extreme position yet on abortion.

The Dream Of Muslim Outreach Has Become A Nightmare - Victor Davis Hanson
"Hope and change" isn't the message needed by murderous jihadis.

Forcing Congress to Keep Its Spending Promises - Stephen Moore
And lawmakers wonder why their approval ratings hover in the teens.

How 'Sanctuary Hospitals' Cost America Big - Betsey McCaughey
While Obamacare deductibles soar, foreign medical freeloaders pay nothing.

Real Debates Illuminate Issues. Presidential 'Debates' Debase Them. - Jeff Jacoby
The best debates are focused, respectful, stimulating, and informative.

America's Biggest Scandal - Arnold Ahlert
Every problem we currently have can be traced to the decline in education.

May and Trump: A Replay of Thatcher and Reagan? - Cal Thomas
Both have positioned themselves with law and order, national values.

A Steppingstone to Oblivion - Mark Shields
If the job is a "warm bucket of spit," it is also no political leg up.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Will Rogers"Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke." - Will Rogers

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