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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Black Education: A Glimmer of Hope - Walter Williams
Get the libs out of the way, the families involved, and kids will learn.

Top 10 Things Liberals Will Try To Ban Within The Next Decade - Kurt Schlichter
Liberals are all about freedom -- their freedom to tell us what to think.

Today in History:  Birth of Benjamin Franklin (1706) ... Hawaiian Monarchy Overthrown (1893) ... Brinks Robbery Nets $1.5M (1950) ... First Nuke Sub Goes To Sea (1955) ... Ike Warns of "Military-Industrial Complex" (1961) ... Gilmore Executed After Ten-Year Hiatus (1977)

     ... More Headlines

Can the President Constitutionally Declare a State of Emergency To Build the Wall? - KrisAnne Hall
Congress does not have the authority to delegate powers to the Executive.

'Green New Deal' a Product of Ideological Recycling - Jonah Goldberg
Militarizing the domestic economy for political ends bodes ill.

Navigating the Great Divide - Stephen Moore
The issue of secession is back on the table as Americans knock heads.

Trump Puts Brakes on Federal Gravy Train - Betsy McCaughey
The rest of us working stiffs supporting them are being taken for a ride.

Nero's Fiddling, 'But Hey, We Feel Good' - Everett Piper
No longer about the "economy, stupid," but about our stupid feelings.

2018 Brought a Bumper Crop of Bad Gun Laws to Disobey - J.D. Tuccille
Control freaks have turned to dishonest rulemaking and outright censorship.

How About a Taxpayer Shutdown? - Charles Hurt
After three weeks, no one outside the beltway really seems to care.

How the War Party Lost the Middle East - Pat Buchanan
Who got us into these debacles?

When Democrats Embraced the 'Southern Border Fencing Strategy' - Byron York
Will Dems ever again agree to what they once supported?

     ... More Op-Ed

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Samuel Adams"In the supposed state of nature, all men are equally bound by the laws of nature, or to speak more properly, the laws of the Creator." - Samuel Adams, letter to the Massachusetts legislature  (1794)

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