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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
'Let ObamaCare Fail,' Says Trump. It Already Has. - Jeff Jacoby
Republicans will pay a heavy price for breaking their promise to repeal.

Liberal Values Are Bankrupting Us - Star Parker
Poor life choices by some, fiercely defended by the left, damage everyone.

Today in History:  Grant Named First General of the Army (1866) ... Wyoming Territory Created (1868) ... First Flight Across English Channel (1909) ... Nazis Murder Austrian Chancellor (1934) ... U.S. Tests A-Bomb at Bikini Atoll (1946) ... Puerto Rico Gains Self-Government (1952) ... U.S., U.S.S.R. Agree to Nuke Test Ban (1963) ... First Test-Tube Baby Born (1978)

     ... More Headlines

Slavery - Walter Williams
The Constitution's compromise on slavery was not an act of racism.

Sessions Plans to Increase Civil Asset Forfeiture - Lewis Morris
This should sound alarms for all who fear government overreach.

Three Government "Solutions" That Have Failed Miserably - Rita Dunaway
The tireless pursuit of the liberal utopia causes more harm than good.

Nukes Threaten People; Ideas Threaten Civilizations - Dennis Prager
Western civilization is ceasing to believe in itself, a suicidal act.

Rise of the 'Ugly Environmentalist' - Jonah Goldberg
They think if they just shout louder at us, we'll all come around.

Hiding from the Sun: Gender Ideology's Attack on Truth - Gerard T. Mundy
We are commanded to agree that what is not, is, and what is, is not.

Remember Bill Clinton's Asiagate Scandal? - Brent Bozell & Tim Graham
Political hypocrites maintain oh-so convenient memories.

Minimum Wage Cruelty - Walter Williams
The effect of a public policy is far more important than intentions.

Democracy Dies Due to Journalists' Lies - Erick Erickson
Mr. Trump could cure cancer tomorrow and still be bashed by the media.

Illinois Exemplifies Our Fiscal Foolishness - George Will
While the people bleed for taxes, the Democratic elites float in gravy.

     ... More Op-Ed
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"The more is given the less the people will work for themselves, and the less they work the more their poverty will increase." - Leo N. Tolstoy

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