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Friday, February 24, 2017
Swamp Creature Richard Cordray Must Go - Kelly Riddell
The director of the CFPB directs dysfunction.

Time for the GOP to Show Some Backbone - Arnold Ahlert
Republicans are out of excuses for their failure to lead.

Today in History:  President Andrew Johnson Impeached (1868) ... Pope Gregory XIII Proposes Modern Calendar (1582) ... First Law Ruled Unconstitutional (1803) ... Mexico Declares Independence from Spain (1821) ... Birth of Admiral Chester Nimitz (1885) ... Navy Acquires Guantanamo Base (1903) ... Nazi Party Organized (1920) ... Voice of America Takes to the Air (1942) ... GIs Liberate Manila (1945)

     ... More Headlines

Constitutional Challenges in Court

Chief Justice John MarshallHistoric Decisions On This Date:  Marbury v. Madison (1803, Judicial Review) ... Weeks v. United States (1914, Rights of Accused)

Why The Supreme Court Should Protect The Right To Concealed Carry - Nicholas Griepsma
The Supremes need to step up and secure the rights Heller gave us.

Supremes to Decide if Foreigners Have Constitutional Rights - Brendan Kirby
The case may have profound implications for U.S. legal system.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

The Silence of the Lambs Congress - Ann Coulter
Congress passed six Obamacare repeals when it was all for show. Now? Nada!

Why Trump's Probe of Voter Fraud Is Long Overdue - Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund
Our honor system for voting doesn't work. That much we know.

Pawns of Liberals - Walter Williams
Black folks should support the police who are trying to protect them.

The Carbon-Tax Scam - Stephen Moore
No conservative could or should support this born-to-fail idea.

Our Overly Sanctified Judiciary - Rich Lowry
As you might have heard, Donald Trump tweeted at a judge.

No Man Is Above the Law - Mark Shields
Remember Zoe Baird? Andrew Puzder should receive the same scrutiny.

Is Health Care a Right? - Allyne Caan
Peruse it end-to-end, you will not find "health care" in the Constitution.

Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four Describes the Authoritarian Left Better Than It Does Trump - Brendan O'Neill
Trump haters rush to buy the famous dystopian novel.

Trump Must Break Judicial Power - Pat Buchanan
A clipping of the court's wings is long overdue.

Illinois Exemplifies Our Fiscal Foolishness - George Will
While the people bleed for taxes, the Democratic elites float in gravy.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Mark Twain"No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session." - Mark Twain  (1866)

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