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Monday, May 27, 2019 - Memorial Day
Mayor Buttigieg and the Dred Scott Democrats - Jeffrey Lord
Dehumanizing babies from the party that dehumanized blacks.

Who Wants This War with Iran? - Pat Buchanan
Cicero asked, "cui bono?" Well, not America and not Iran, so who?

Today in History:  First Alleged Witch Executed (1647) ... Supreme Court Rejects N.I.R.A. (1935) ... Queen Mary Departs England on Maiden Voyage (1936) ... Golden Gate Bridge Opens (1937) ... Bismarck Sunk (1941) ... Britain Agrees to Surrender Hong Kong (1985)

     ... More Headlines

Ending Abortion Is Worth Any Economic Consequence - Erick Erickson
Everyone governs based on their moral code. Even progressives.

Four Myths the Media and Politicians Tell You About Our Border Crisis - Ann Coulter
Even a mynah bird could repeat "build a wall," just as Trump has done.

The Merit of Merit-Based Immigration - Kevin D. Williamson
The U.S. has interests of its own. Immigration should serve them first.

Don't Let Zuckerberg Kill Free Speech - Betsy McCaughey
Selling out core American principles for the ­almighty dollar.

The Inequality of the Equality Act - Mary Beth Waddell
Its real goal: government-imposed ideology and unfairness.

Higher Education in America - Walter Williams
For the high cost of college, what do students learn?

Leftists Fear SCOTUS Overturning Precedent (Except When They Don't) - Louis DeBroux
Their measure of "correct" rulings is preference, not the Constitution.

Should the Liberty Bell Leave Philadelphia? - Dennis Prager
After all, it was commissioned by slave owners and quotes the Bible.

2034: Big Non-Gender-Conforming Sibling Is Watching - Christopher Dale
Orwell never looked this far ahead.

     ... More Op-Ed

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Franklin D. Roosevelt"If you hold your fire until you see the whites of his eyes, you will never know what hit you." - Franklin D. Roosevelt (5/27/1941)

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