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Monday, May 2, 2016
Let Patients Pay the Piper, and the Price of Health Care Will Fall - Jeff Jacoby
Any system which adds more regulation will only make health care worse.

What if the Left Doesn't Really Want to Achieve Its Policy Goals? - John C. Goodman
If government actually solved problems, their perks would dry up.

Today in History:  "Stonewall" Jackson Killed by Friendly Fire (1863) ... Oklahoma Territory Organized (1890) ... Russians Take Berlin (1945) ... First Jet Passenger Service (1952) ... J. Edgar Hoover Dies in Office (1972)

     ... More Headlines

The 'Settled' Consensus Du Jour - George Will
Authoritarianism, always latent in progressivism, is becoming explicit.

Hands Off the Ladies' Rooms - Mona Charen
If it concerns sex in any way, count on our culture to fixate on it.

The Horrors of Hiroshima in Context - Victor Davis Hanson
Before thinking about apologies, think first about what might have been.

Higher Minimum Wage Is Well-Intentioned But Problematic - Jonah Goldberg
A minimum wage is no different than a jobs-killing business tax.

Higher Ed Needs Major Disruption - Froma Harrop
What exactly are we buying with all the public money going to colleges?

Rights Versus Wishes - Walter Williams
Thou shalt not steal. Therefore your "rights" stop at my freedoms.

Federal Court: Schools May Not Provide Separate Bathrooms Based on Biology - Ryan T. Anderson
Mere "accommodation" is not enough for the gaystapo.

Dig a Hole for U.S. Coal - Stephen Moore
There was a time when Democrats actually cared about working stiffs.

An Attack on Us All - National Review
A move that should have raised a May Day's worth of red flags.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Alexander Hamilton"Public office in this country has few attractions." - Alexander Hamilton  (5/2/1797)

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