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Friday, November 27, 2015
When the Third World Attacks! - Ann Coulter
The message we really need to send to ISIS: "Stay home!"

Buttercup Bolsheviks - Arnold Ahlert
Enjoy your time on campus, children.

Today in History:  Ford Confirmed as Vice President (1973) ... Army War College Created (1901) ... French Scuttle Fleet to Foil Nazis (1942)

     ... More Headlines

Election 2016

Bernie Sanders: 'To Hell With The Fossil Fuel Industry' - Christopher Helman
That ought to play well with about 15 million folks with fuel-related jobs.

Democrats Have A Plan To Steal U.S. Elections Forever - Investor's Business Daily
Those who crave political power should never be allowed close to it.

     ... More Election 2016

Issues In Depth
Why I Am An Anarcho-Capitalist - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Can't the people be trusted to keep government limited? Look around you.

What Is A Neocon? - Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Forget the left-right, liberal-conservative paradigm.

The Coddling of the American Mind - Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt
College students are increasingly putting their neuroses ahead of others' freedom.
Here's why that's disastrous for education -- and mental health.

     ... More In-Depth

Law Enforcement Loves Legal Larceny - Jacob Sullum
Self-interested cops and prosecutors oppose forfeiture reform.

Higher Education Under Attack From Within - James Shott
This is what liberalism hath wrought, and it will most likely get worse.

Why Didn't France Close Its Borders Decades Ago? - Thomas Sowell
And what about us?

Forced Voting Follies - Jonah Goldberg
"Liberals don't care what you do so long as it's compulsory."

The End of Obamaworld - Pat Buchanan
Peoples and nations wish to - have a right to - preserve who they are.

Attacking Our Founders - Walter Williams11/20/15
Misunderstanding the three-fifths clause leads to false assumptions.

The Exxon Inquisition - National Review
Hold the wrong view on climate change, and you're a criminal.

Putin Warns ISIS – Obama Warns School District About Girls' Shower Room - Rev. Michael Bresciani
This is a truth that could not make good fiction in a low budget B movie.

Defeating ISIS - Brian Kilmeade
President Obama must take Thomas Jefferson's lead.

     ... More Op-Ed

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Alexander Hamilton"It is evident from the state of the country, from the habits of the people, from the experience we have had on the point itself, that it is impracticable to raise any very considerable sums by direct taxation." - Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 12  (1787)

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