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What Doesn't Fly
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Thursday, June 30, 2016 - St. Paul's Day
After Brexit, a Trump Path to Victory - Pat Buchanan
People want to rule themselves, and be themselves.

Obama Never Blamed for Bad Security - Brent Bozell and Tim Graham
Here is Orlando on Dubya's watch: "Dolt! Moron! Asleep at the switch!"

Today in History:  26th Amendment Ratified (1971) ... Pure Food and Drug Act Passed (1906) ... Asteroid Hits Siberia (1908) ... Nazis Purge Opposition (1934) ... Gone With the Wind Published (1936) ... Cosmonauts Found Dead in Returning Capsule (1971)

     ... More Headlines

Election 2016

The Bad Moon Rising Over Hillary - Wesley Pruden
Whatever she learned from Bubba, the master track-coverer, didn't take.

     ... More Election 2016

Constitutional Challenges in Court

Chief Justice Earl WarrenHistoric Decisions On This Date:  NAACP v. Patterson (1958, Free Association) ... Bowers v. Hardwick (1986, Gay Rights)

The Campus Rape Lawsuit That Could Destroy Title IX Has Finally Arrived - Robby Soave
An improperly low evidence standard may finally be successfully challenged.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

Britain's Vote for Freedom Proves Power is with the People - Michael Goodwin
The people spoke, they were heard, and the wheel of history is turning.

Democrats: We Will Overcome the Constitution - David Harsanyi
Progressive lawmakers use civil rights era tactics to curtain civil rights.

Paul Krugman's Democratic Party - John C. Goodman
Think of where there are no Republicans. Detroit. Puerto Rico.

No Fly, No Buy' Proposal Takes Away Gun Rights First, Asks Questions Later (Maybe) - Jacob Sullum
Susan Collins' Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act flouts due process.

Warning: Labels - John Stossel
Do you really need a label to tell you not to stick a pencil in your eye?

Political Distractions Abound in the Wake of Orlando Shooting - Jonah Goldberg
What a dumb time to be alive.

Taking Away Constitutional Rights at the Discretion of the Government - Hans von Spakovsky
New gun restriction proposals ignore both transparency and due process.

Obama: Whose Side Is He On? - Mona Charen
He cannot say "Islamic terrorism" even with a knife pointed at our throats.

Endorsing Lawlessness - Ken Blackwell
Surprise, surprise: President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

     ... More Op-Ed

What Doesn't Fly —  After the Orlando massacre, isn't it time to get guns out of the hands of . . . licensed security guards?

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, who murdered 49 people and wounded 53 others in The Pulse nightclub, worked for the globe's largest security firm, Britain's G4S. He passed two background checks conducted by the company.

Mateen's government credentials included "a Florida state-issued security guard license and a security guard firearms license." Twice, he was investigated by the FBI, in 2013 and again in 2014, and cleared -- investigations closed.

Should we talk about security failures?

Instead, a filibuster by Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy and a sit-in protest by House Democrats changed the channel to gun control. The Senate voted on four bills that threatened more than the Second Amendment. Our Fifth Amendment rights to due process were also in the sights of crusading Democrats and appeasing Republicans and still are.

Not to mention the Ninth Amendment, freedom to do all manner of things, including travel.

Hillary Clinton says that "if you're too dangerous to get on a plane, you're too dangerous to buy a gun." Yet, the problem comes in government simply declaring someone too dangerous to fly or to buy a gun, without ever publicly bringing a charge -- you know, with evidence -- much less convicting that person of a crime.

Having a government agent place a name on a secret list doesn't even approximate due process of law. And, accordingly, doesn't justify stripping a person of fundamental liberties.

Terrorism is terrifying . . . but not any more so than politicians who, in pursuit of their political agendas, don't think twice about our freedoms or their constitutional limitations.

It's not all right.
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