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Friday, March 6, 2015 - Alamo Day (Texas);  World Day of Prayer
Hollywood Hypocrites Demand 'Wage Equality' - Larry Elder
They might start with the offices of their favorite politicians.

Net Neutrality Is About Regulating Speech - Mark Hyman
Just the latest step in Obama's effort to ruin what works.

Today in History:  Remember the Alamo! (1836) ... Birth of General Philip Sheridan (1831) ... FDR Declares Bank Holiday (1933) ... Air Corps Hits Berlin (1944)

     ... More Headlines

Election 2016

Stop Caving on Immigration, 2016 Contenders - National Review
The Republican field is united in a lazy consensus on immigration policy.

     ... More Election 2016

Constitutional Challenges in Court

6 Weak Arguments in the Administration's Obamacare Argument - Peter Suderman
Nothing less than a request for permission to rewrite the law.

Obamacare Returns to SCOTUS. What Will Roberts Do? - Damon Root
The Supreme Court prepares for another legal showdown over Obamacare.

King v. Burwell Is Much Bigger Than ObamaCare - David Catron
The Court is about to decide whether we are a nation of laws or men.

Justices Agree: Overcriminalization Is a Problem in America - John G. Malcolm
Fisherman tosses back fish, gets hit with Sarbanes-Oxley violation.

Do King v. Burwell Plaintiffs Have A 'Nutty' Interpretation Of The Law? - Christopher J. Conover
As an assault on federalism, ObamaCare is just the latest of a long list.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

Issues In Depth
The FCC's Predictable Fiasco Of Internet Utility Regulation - Scott Cleland
What could possibly go wrong?

On Net Neutrality, Time to Regulate the Regulators - National Review
1930's thinking will stifle 21st-century innovation and consumer choice.

     ... More In-Depth

Control Spending To Control Deficits - J.T. Young
Unless costs are contained, revenue can't catch up.

America: Love It Or Leave It - R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Our president is hardly the only American who does not love his country.

Get Washington Out of the Education Business - The Washington Examiner
Governance should be evidence-based - something being ignored in education.

A Means To Smite the Federal Leviathan - Tom Coburn
The Founders foresaw the need to reinstitute limited government.

The Economic Way of Thinking About Health Care - Sheldon Richman
Government policy has fatally corrupted the concept of insurance.

Gutierrez 'Militancy' Threat Shows The Left's Contempt For Rule Of Law - Investor's Business Daily
What we have here is a refusal to respect constitutional limits.

Barack Obama's "Reckless Disregard" of the Law - Michael Barone
"Gross negligence without concern for danger to others."

War Authorization's Difficult Debate - George Will
Congress has a critical role to play when the nation thinks about war.

Hate Crime Buffoonery In Chapel Hill - Ted Nugent
It's almost as if there is affirmative action for criminals.

     ... More Op-Ed

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John Adams"They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men." - John Adams, Novanglus No. 7  (1775)

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