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Promises of Murder
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Friday, May 22, 2015
The Problem With Ex-Im Bank - Jim DeMint
Favoritism for a few politically connected cronies.

Title IX Expansion, Coming Soon To An Elementary School Near You - Bill Frezza
Conflict, consternation, and litigation. Not to mention more bureaucrats.

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House Passes Bill Banning Most Abortions After 20 Weeks - Kate Scanlon
Marks the anniversary of the conviction of a murderous abortion doc.

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Election 2016

Who Does Hillary Clinton Think She Is? - Diane Dimond
More demands for special prerogatives not available to us schmoos.

Answer to One Question Unnerves Democrats - Mark Shields
Polled majorities no longer view Hillary as honest and trustworthy.

Gender Is No Credential for the White House - Jeff Jacoby
America doesn't need to send a woman to the White House.

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Issues In Depth
The Unassailable Virtue of Victims - Joseph Epstein
On the rise of Hillary Clinton and other underdogs.

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Disobey! - John Stossel
Law is not always the best indication of what is good behavior.

Warrantless Snooping Goes Far Beyond NSA's Phone-Record Dragnet - Jacob Sullum
The precariousness of privacy, when your records are not yours.

Political Correctness Has Destroyed The Army's Readiness And Morale - Ray Starmann
The wave of political correctness in the Army has had predictable results.

Don't Feed The Amtrak Beast - The Washington Examiner
Taxpayers have thrown $45 billion into the Amtrak sinkhole since 1977.

Don't Know Much About History - Debra J. Saunders
Why is low voter turnout a problem?

No Law, No Civilization - Victor Davis Hanson
And when the law has becomes negotiable, civilization utterly collapses.

Getting the Sports Moguls off Our Backs - Froma Harrop
It is high time that wealthy team owners get off the taxpayer's backs.

The Left's Inconsistent Stance on Provocative Art - Jonah Goldberg
Why aren't liberals offering Pamela Geller a federal subsidy?

Yes and But In the Wrong Order - Erick Erickson
A drawing is not an inducement to fight. It is just a drawing.

     ... More Op-Ed

Promises of Murder —  Senator Lindsay Graham kills me.

The hawkish Republican from South Carolina isn't exactly standing up for limited government. His latest oration, on the presidential stump in Iowa, warned Americans far and wide that, were he sitting in the White House with his finger poised above The Button and "you're thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL [Islamic State] -- anybody thinking about that? -- I'm not gonna call a judge."

Adding mucho macho-flash: "I'm gonna call a drone and we will kill you."

Like you, it never crossed my mind to join either the Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

So, a big "meh," eh?


The attacks on civil liberties, committed under the cover of fighting terrorism, must end. I hope that Section 215 of the ridiculously-named USA Patriot Act will expire. I also want to halt the secret, process-less, law-less, global drone-strike program.

And I don't think I am asking too much for the next president to not regularly threaten audiences with wider, more gleeful and less accountable use of drones.

Remember, Sen. Graham said "thinking about."

Even with the NSA tracking our every key-stroke, government could still make a mistake about what we're thinking.

Moreover, even if you disagree with me -- perhaps wanting the War on Terror to be fought with more fury -- it still seems counter-productive for the wannabe POTUS: (a) to imply that Americans must be bullied out of joining the latest jihadist gang in the Middle East and (b) to suggest the Prez has the dictatorial power to summarily execute an American on the mere suspicion of a thought crime.

Graham, president? Don't die laughing.

Paul Jacob,
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