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Saturday, August 1, 2015
Forging a Highway Funding Fiasco - Stephen Moore
The Republican bill will raise government spending and taxes.

Five Consequences of America's Moral Collapse - John Hawkins
Americans can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

Today in History:  Germany Declares War on Russia — WWI Begins! (1914) ... Birth of Francis Scott Key (1779) ... First U.S. Census Completed (1790) ... Colorado Admitted to Union (1876) ... Sino-Japanese War Erupts Over Korea (1894) ... Air Force Predessor Established (1907) ... Berlin Games Open (1936) ... Warsaw Uprising Breaks Out (1944) ... Atomic Energy Commission Established (1946) ... U.S., Canada Create NORAD (1957)

     ... More Headlines

Election 2016

Revenge of the Radical Middle - Mathew Continetti
Why Donald Trump Isn't Going Away

     ... More Election 2016

The Price of Fetal Parts - Charles Krauthammer
"Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you." -- Barack Obama.

President Obama Roots for the Terrorists - Erick Erickson
He has never met an enemy of this nation he did not want to help.

Whatever Happened to Religious Freedom? - Roger Pilon
A society that cannot tolerate differing views will not long be free.

Dispelling the Deadly Air Pollution Myth - Steve Milloy
The Supreme Court isn't impressed by the fancy dance of the EPA.

1938 and 2015: Only the Names Are Different - Dennis Prager
Munich all over again -- but with nuclear weapons replacing panzers.

Serious Questions for a Coddled President - Tammy Bruce
Americans want answers, not petulance.

There Should Be No Sanctuary From The Law - Cal Thomas
Officials in "sanctuary cities" pervert the concept, along with the laws.

Governments Keep Turning to Socialism, Even Though It Always Fails - Stephen Moore
With Greece the dominoes, unfortunately, have only begun to fall.

Zero Tolerance for Confederate Flag, Nuance for Islamic Terror - Jonah Goldberg
Life would improve if the Left would stick to one of its double standards.

     ... More Op-Ed
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Karl von Clausewitz"If bloody slaughter is a horrible spectacle, then it should only be a reason for [avoiding unnecessary wars], but not for making the sword we bear blunter and blunter by degrees from feelings of humanity, until once again someone steps in with a sword that is sharp, and hews away the arms from our body." - Karl von Clausewitz, "Vom Kriege" ("On War")  (1832)

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