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Monday, May 4, 2015
Judicial Activism on Marriage, Like Abortion, Can Cause Harms - Ryan T. Anderson
Nothing in the Constitution mandates that all 50 states redefine marriage.

Why Is SCOTUS Even Considering Same-Sex Marriage? - John J. Bastiat
The Constitution of the United States has nothing to say about marriage.

Today in History:  Students Killed in Kent State Riot (1970) ... Peter Minuit Lands in Manhattan (1626) ... Rhode Island Declares Independence (1776) ... Haymarket Riot Explodes (1886) ... U.S. Begins Building Panama Canal (1904) ... Al Capone Goes to Jail (1932) ... U.S. Whips Japs at Coral Sea (1942)

     ... More Headlines

Constitutional Challenges in Court

The Constitution Is Silent on Same-Sex Marriage - National Review
In 2013, the Court decided that marriage was a state issue. Stick with it.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

Anti-Trust Law and Lawlessness - Thomas Sowell
We all make mistakes and some of us learn from them.

Baltimore Is A Democrat Problem, Not America's Problem - John Nolte
With Dems in control since 1967, the city is an showplace of leftwing rule.

Obama's Climate Change Hypocrisy Highlights Lack of Faith - The Washington Examiner
While the hoi polloi are told to make sacrifices, the elites spew carbon.

How Florida Is Trying to Push Back Against Federal Government Overreach - David Azerrad
Federalism at the state level is more often preached than practiced.

Black Murderers Matter - Dennis Prager
Inciting hysteria based on falsehoods is a key modus operandi on the left.

These Blue States Have Tried the Elizabeth Warren Model - Stephen Moore
Their residents -- notably the middle class -- are fleeing.

Cashiering Andy Jackson - William Murchison
So who is diverse enough to replace him on the double-sawbuck?

Saving Social Security on the Backs of Taxpayers - Tammy Bruce
Politicians who squandered the nation's treasure should sacrifice first

Lessons for the Liberty Movement - Sheldon Richman
Libertarian philosophies are knocking; is anyone ready to answer?

How Can Liberals Be Pro-Choice on Abortion and Anti-Choice on Everything Else? - A. Barton Hinkle
The left reviles personal autonomy in anything beyond a "woman's body."

     ... More Op-Ed
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