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Thursday, December 7, 2023 - Pearl Harbor Day
How Private Is Private? - John Stossel
The apps on your phone are laughing at the Fourth Amendment.

The Latest Teachers' Union Scam - Michael Hartney
Union leaders invoke the "common good" as they bargain for higher pay.

Today in History:  Pearl Harbor Bombed! (1941) ... Delaware First To Ratify Constitution (1787) ... Thomas Edison Demonstrates Gramophone (1877) ... Last Manned Moon Mission Launched (1972)

     ... More Headlines

Constitutional Challenges in Court

New York's Attempted Hit on the NRA Violated the First Amendment - David B. McGarry
The Supreme Court must correct the 2nd Circuit's error.

     ... More Constitutional Challenges

Heavy Regulation Hurts the Economy. Just Look at France. - Veronique de Rugy
They say big-government European countries have it better. Not so fast.

Idea of Constitutional Church-State Wall Fueled by Misinformation - David S. Jonas and Patrick Rhoads
Undermining our 200-year consensus on religious freedom.

Electric Vehicle Shock Coursing Through America - Robert Knight
Socialists are wrecking the land of the red, white and blue.

Orwell and Monroe Got It Right - Michael Barone
The people are sovereign and are entitled to all available information.

What Is Child Abuse? - Emmy Griffin
Foster parents are now required to affirm the child's gender craziness.

The Inescapable Conundrum of Anonymous Speech - Jeff Jacoby
But if anonymity can be toxic, it can also be invaluable.

All the Single Ladies - Mona Charen
Thanks to feminism, marriage has been derided, with poor outcomes for kids.

Dems Have Now Officially Rejected President John F. Kennedy's Legacy - Stephen Moore
RFK Jr. is cast out of Dem circles for sounding just too much like JFK.

Biden's Clean Energy Scam Fund - David Strom
Joe quintuples down on Obama's corrupt "green energy" loan guarantees.

     ... More Op-Ed
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"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" - Rev. Howell M. Forgy, during the attack on Pearl Harbor  (12/7/1941)

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