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'Woke' Language - John Stossel (7/25/2021)
"Enlightened America needs to develop a backbone and start getting used to being called racist on Twitter. Just withstand it. Keep their voices out there. Make us understand what true justice is."

Are Guns Really the Problem? - Diane Dimond (7/24/2021)
t's the gang members who fuel much of this nation's violent crime problem. It seems a smart endeavor for the feds and local law enforcement to supercharge an all-out assault on them , instead of the nearly futile attempt to stop the flow of guns.

In Biden's America, Everyone Is Entitled to Everything - Stephen Moore (7/23/2021)
President Joe Biden is supersizing the entitlement state of America at a pace that makes President Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society initiatives seem like a fiscal bargain.

Democrats' Budget Agreement Would Burn the Economy - David Ditch (7/22/2021)
Though the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal has many flaws, those problems pale in comparison to what is likely to follow, which is the single largest tax-and-spend bill in the nation's history.

Without a Constitutional Map, Americans Will Be Lost - Everett Piper (7/21/2021)
One of the most remarkable aspects of our nation's map – our Constitution and antecedent Declaration of Independence – is how forward-thinking its authors were. They anticipated not only the issues of their day but also their impact on the

Joe Biden's Shameful Voting-Rights Speech - David Harsanyi (7/20/2021)
Democrats have won numerous elections across the country and nationally under laws they now claim are authoritarian. They will likely win many more. The fact is that it is easier to vote today than ever before.

Is Biden Really the Lincoln of Our Time? - Pat Buchanan (7/19/2021)
With all his rhetoric placing himself in the tradition of Lincoln, and casting Republicans in the role of die-hard segregationists and vote deniers, Biden is promising something he almost surely cannot deliver. Let us only hope.

Slouching Toward Socialism - Kelly Sadler (7/18/2021)
However nice it is to receive "free money" from the government – there are also serious economic and cultural ramifications. As Margaret Thatcher pointed out: "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

It's Not Racist to Support Election Integrity Laws - Kay C. James (7/17/2021)
The left has tried to portray any legitimate attempt to pass election integrity reforms as the disenfranchisement of African Americans. They talk about black folks as if we are incapable of obtaining a state ID or following simple election rules.

Why Big Tech Will Lose the Censorship Wars - David Catron (7/16/2021)
If their increasingly arrogant censorship practices are creating concern among leftist ideologues like Bernie Sanders and right-wing populists such as Donald Trump, they are making enemies everywhere.

If This Be Insurrection, Make A Day Of It! - Bob Maistros (7/15/2021)
When a sufficient number of state, county and even local officials finally decide to separate themselves and their citizens from this headlong descent into national madness, let's proudly adopt the elites' word for it: "Insurrection Day."

Stop Surrendering Education to the Radical Left - Ben Shapiro (7/14/2021)
America's children have been raised in a system dedicated to the proposition that America itself is evil, a repository of discrimination and bigotry, a country founded in sin and steeped in cruelty.

Big Mac Inflation Differs From CPI - Christopher Gable (7/13/2021)
Inflation is measured by changes in the Consumer Price Index published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our Social Security, cost of living adjustments, and many other things are tied to it. Does the CPI do a good job of measuring inflation?

America Has Turned Into a Nation of Whiners - Robert Knight (7/12/2021)
It's no secret that America's leftists wake up perpetually sour and ready to whine. They manage to find a dark lining in every silver cloud. What really incenses them is anything that reminds their countrymen of just how exceptional this nation is

Democracy's Last Stand - Erick Erickson (7/11/2021)
Democracy's last stand is not actually about accountability for Jan. 6, a commission and a need to push back against Trump voters. Democracy's last stand is whether the American press can free itself again from left-wing groupthink.

Secure Law and Order in America - Josh Hammer (7/10/2021)
Just as confronting the Chinese Communist Party is our most pressing foreign issue, so, too, has securing law and order become our most pressing domestic issue.

The News Media vs. The Flag-Waving Weirdos? - Tim Graham (7/9/2021)
Liberal Biden voters in the media refuse to wear flag pins or say the Pledge of Allegiance at news events they cover. They love their own freedom, but they use it to be professionally unpatriotic.

Human Nature and Government Checks - Cal Thomas (7/8/2021)
Books and articles — scientific as well as theological — have been written on human nature. Still, most people don't understand it, or refuse to learn from it, or worse, play to its dark side.

Here's Why Most Arrested Rioters Will Not Be Prosecuted - Diane Dimond (7/7/2021)
Most charges are being dropped against most of last summer's George Floyd protestors. Prosecutors from Oregon to New York have chosen not to pursue a host of different charges against those arrested after protests turned into destructive riots.

Can the President Kill? - Andrew P. Napolitano (7/6/2021)
Throughout history, congresses have looked the other way when presidents have directed the military to attack targets that were either civilian or were in a country against which there was no congressional declaration of war.

Democrats Seek Perpetual Coronavirus Control - Cheryl Chumley (7/5/2021)
"More people will die!!" It's language like this that lets the leftists take the coronavirus, shape it into a political weapon and then use it to stab in whatever direction of control that happens to cross their paths at the time.

The Greatest Revolution the World Has Ever Known - Rich Lowry (7/4/2021)
It's lately been a hard time for the American Revolution. The struggle won the independence of a country whose power and ideals have influenced the course of history for the better.

The Right to Bear Arms - John Stossel (7/3/2021)
Would carrying a gun make you feel safer? Robert Nash and Brandon Koch thought so. But the state of New York denied them gun permits, saying they hadn't demonstrated a "special need." Thankfully, they are now suing.

"For the People"Act Shows Why the Filibuster Is Needed - Yuval Levin (7/2/2021)
Opponents of the filibuster often claim that it isn't necessary for the protection of large and durable minorities because our system of government is full of other sorts of checks and veto points that perform that function. Clearly baloney.

Inner-City Violence Is Unfathomable - Jason Bland (7/1/2021)
As a nation we must value life, protect it, and ensure our politicians and leaders will use their authority to provide security. When they don't, they need to be replaced.

Equality Act Slams the Door on Religious Freedom - Star Parker (6/30/2021)
The Equality Act is not about equality. It is about forcing the LGBTQ agenda on all Americans. America is supposed to be about freedom. Remember?

Protecting Democracy Is More Than Just Talk - Mel Kepner (6/29/2021)
The deterioration of state primacy along with the federalization of so many things by the extortionary use of federal monies confiscated from we the people is in contradiction of the founders' intent.

The Concept of Antiracism Leaves No Room for Dissent - Jonah Goldberg (6/28/2021)
In a free society, dissent from a prevailing orthodoxy is not necessarily a vice, and stigmatizing disagreement is not necessarily a virtue.

Leftists Writing Lessons - Betsy McCaughey (6/27/2021)
Parents are worried that their kids are being indoctrinated with critical race theory — an account of US history that frames the nation as irredeemably racist and white Americans as uniformly bigoted. But they can't get straight answers.

The Feds Can't Compel States to Enforce Restrictions on Guns or Immigrants - Jacob Sullum (6/26/2021)
The anti-commandeering doctrine is rooted in the basic design of our government, which limits Congress to a short list of specifically enumerated powers and leaves the rest to the states or the people, as the 10th Amendment makes clear.

The Higher Education Bubble Has Popped - Rikki Schlott (6/25/2021)
Over the past several decades, our culture has tipped the scales from praising and valuing education to downright socially mandating it. As a result, enrollment has skyrocketed to levels never before seen, along with attendant costs.

The 'Endless Frontier Act' Slush Fund Is a Bad Idea - Horace Cooper (6/24/2021)
A government slush fund is never a good idea. But using the NSF is a particularly poor choice. This agency is the poster child for waste and abuse. Its history of inanity would give pause to drunken sailors on reverie.

Defining the Human Being: Justice Kennedy Released the Kraken - Everett Piper (6/23/2021)
Are we morally culpable? Do we choose our actions? Do our appetites and desires define us? Can we and should we rise above our instincts and inclinations? Are we defined by the color of our skin or the content of our character?

Why Not Call It Ferris Bueller's Day Off? - Cal Thomas (6/22/2021)
Whatever school board changes might occur, parents have it in their hands to make a lasting difference by depriving the system of raw material — their children — who in many cases are being indoctrinated with secular progressive ideas.

No Thanks! - Autumn Johnson (6/21/2021)
Former Congressman Denver Riggleman and Jack Rosen, president of the American Jewish Congress, argue that hate speech "precedent" should be used to ban extremism online. Sorry. There is no precedent for that.

The Myth of Unprecedented Republican Obstructionism - David Harsanyi (6/20/2021)
The passage of Obamacare frayed the political order in ways from which we haven't recovered. For the first time in contemporary history, a political party unilaterally crammed through a national reform without any buy-in from half the nation.

Who Is Really Killing American Democracy? - Pat Buchanan (6/19/2021)
Free elections to decide who governs are, it is said, the central sacrament of democracy. But why should people who are described with every synonym for "deplorable" not reject the politics of compromise?

George Soros Backs More Anti-Law and Order Candidates in 2021 - Matt Palumbo (6/18/2021)
Soros' undermining of law and order in America at the local level is continuing into 2021, with him quietly investing $200,000 into another far-left prosecutor in Virginia this month.

How American K-12 Education Has Become a Cultural Contradiction - George Will (6/17/2021)
Pupils who are assumed to be unfolding flowers of spontaneous individuality are nevertheless treated as empty vessels into which government-approved political doctrines should be poured.

A Society Infected with Lies - Laura Hollis (6/16/2021)
A society that believes in and defends truth can endure any number of other shortcomings. But our society has become infected with lies.

The Definition of Courage Has Shifted Since Normandy - Ben Shapiro (6/15/2021)
Perhaps the new definition of bravery does serve some higher goal: the goal of tearing down the old definition of the good. In this fight, the personal is political.

Reaffirming a Devotion to Freedom This Flag Day - Scott Walker (6/14/2021)
The threads of the flag are like the many different individuals in our country. Each of us is unique. We come from many different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, etc., yet — as our national motto E Pluribus Unum — out of many, one.

Joe Manchin: Racist or Profile in Courage - Pat Buchanan (6/13/2021)
Manchin is thus setting up a high hurdle for Chuck Schumer: You must round up 10 Republican votes to achieve passage of our agenda items, or those items probably ought not to become law.

The Racial 'Crisis' in Wisconsin - Tim Graham (6/12/2021)
The accusation that America is irredeemably racist is not up for debate. No white person can be innocent. Each one of us is a white supremacist benefitting from a white supremacist structure. So, if we're so dominant, why can't we disagree?

'Sleepy Joe' Was Just A Charade - J. Peder Zane (6/11/2021)
n just 100 days Joe Biden has broken faith with the American electorate. The candidate who promised a return to "normalcy" is advancing the most radical agenda since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.

Sorry, Joe: Fixing Roads and Bridges Doesn't Cost $2 Trillion - Stephen Moore (6/10/2021)
If Republicans cave to the progressive agenda that Biden has laid out, they will be coconspirators in the bankrupting of America.

The Single Best Thing Americans Can Do to Retake America - Dennis Prager (6/9/2021)
The single best thing Americans can do to counter the left-wing attack on America -- against its freedoms, its schools, its families, its children, its governmental institutions -- is to take their children out of America's schools.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment for the Capitol Rioters - Douglas Andrews (6/8/2021)
They keep calling it "The People's House," but it's not — at least not anymore. The National Guard may finally be gone, but the U.S. Capitol is now Nancy Pelosi's House, Chuck Schumer's House, Joe Biden's House. And it has been s

Bad Election Rules and Stupid Media Tricks - Debra J. Saunders (6/7/2021)
A crisis is a terrible thing to waste, the saying goes. So Democrats have been working to make state election law changes implemented to make voting safer during COVID-19 both permanent and broader. To their advantage.

Never Let a Plague Go To Waste - Victor Davis Hanson (6/6/2021)
During America's first-ever national lockdown, thousands of unelected bureaucrats, as well as federal and state governments, assumed enormous powers not usually accorded to them.

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