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Thursday, August 5, 2021
Kamala: Joe Biden's Impeachment Insurance - Douglas Andrews
Strong bipartisan concerns about the veep's readiness to lead.

The U.S. Constitution Says Treat All Defendants the Same - Diane Dimond
Equal treatment under the law, right? Unfortunately, not so much.

Today in History:  Cornerstone Laid for Statue of Liberty (1884) ... First Transatlantic Cable Completed (1858) ... First Federal Income Tax Levied (1861) ... First Traffic Lights Installed (1914) ... "American Bandstand" Debuts (1957) ... Nuke Test Ban Treaty Inked (1963) ... Striking Air Traffic Controllers Fired (1981)

'Unprecedented, Unreasonable, Unconstitutional, and Wrong' - Julie Kelly
The Justice Department won't have January 6 evidence ready until 2022.

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The Very Racist History of Gun Control - Jeff Jacoby
The ACLU comes to exactly the wrong conclusion on the 2nd Amendment.

No, We Don't Need Women to Register for the Draft - Rich Lowry
Focus on maximizing military effectiveness, not knee-jerk "social equity."

The Pelosi Dictatorship and the Destruction of American Freedom - Newt Gingrich
Living proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws? - Andrew P. Napolitano
The curious case of the Michigan governor scheme by the FBI.

JFK -- Accept Our Diverse World as It Is - Pat Buchanan
What business ours, if another nation chooses autocratic rule?

Our Empathetic Authoritarians - Ben Shapiro
America has a crisis of empathy.

These Aren't the Democrats of Old - Victor Davis Hanson
Gone is the blue collar-loving, salty earth party of Truman and JFK.

Yes, Remember the Alamo - Rich Lowry
It's pointlessly destructive to tear down what deserves to be honored.

Klobuchar's Plan for Redlining Speech - Thomas Gallatin
If free speech is limited by what is true or false, who, then, decides?

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